A New Life Awaits: 10 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Ring

Ah, finding the perfect wedding ring. No biggie, right? It's just going to sit on his or her's finger for the rest of your lives together, so picking the perfect one should be as easy as saying, "I love you." Or maybe in an ideal world, it would be that easy, but in all actuality, it's a stressful ordeal. If the proposal is going to be a surprise, it's not like you can very well ask him or her if they like it. So, here are ten tips for finding that perfect wedding ring.

1) Create A Wish List

What are you looking for in a ring? Yellow, white, or rose gold? 10k, 14k, or 18k? Or ditch the gold altogether and go platinum? What about the style and design of the band? What about the carat, cut, clarity, and color of the diamond? A good source to start compiling a wish list is at D.Cole Jewelers.

2) Buy The Ring Together

When it comes to picking out a ring, the easy way to ensure your partner loves it is to have them pick it out with you. This way, it's also easier to match the engagement ring with the wedding band. If you're still wanting to do a surprise engagement, you can always use a substitute ring and pick out the real one together later. Not to mention, it's also an excellent bonding opportunity.

3) Remember The Wedding Band

It's important to keep in mind how the engagement ring will look with the wedding band since these will be worn together. Since the engagement ring is the fancier of the two, it might be easier to pick this one out first and then buy a wedding band that matches. These two rings are welded together, so it's also not only important that they match, but that they also fit together.

4) Make Sure The Diamond Is Certified

This may not seem like a big deal, but it actually protects the buyer against fraud. Buying vintage rings presents a cheaper option, but then it should come with a certification. Also, a certified diamond is graded based on the four c's, so it ensures the quality of the diamond. Just make sure that the diamond matches its certification. To an untrained eye, it's difficult to spot a fake from the real deal, so it's better to be safe than sorry and buy certified.

5) Pick The Metal

There are several different metals to choose from: yellow, white, or rose gold; silver; or platinum. These precious metals are traditionally chosen because they are strong and sturdy and will hold up for a lifetime. However, they can also be swapped out for other strong, less traditional metals such as tungsten, ceramic, titanium, palladium, stainless steel, or cobalt. Each comes with its own set of pros and cons, so do your research.

6) Know The Ring Size

Nothing will be more disastrous than getting down on one knee, having him or her say, "yes," and then the ring getting stuck midway down the finger. If the proposal should stay a surprise, there's a way to get around this hump. Steal (temporarily) a ring from your partner that fits the appropriate finger, take it to the jeweler, and have them measure the band. This should be free of cost and a simple solution to finding out their size without being too obvious.

7) Consider Size And Carat

Big is always better, right? Well, not always. If you're the type of girl who is constantly on the move or works a lot with her hands, a big diamond might not be the right way to go. Consider this: it might get constantly against hard surfaces and possibly dent the gold or chip the stones. There's another alternative. When going for size, you often compromise on quality, meaning that the diamond might be clouded with impurities. However, for the same price, you can get a smaller, yet shinier diamond as the focal point of the ring.

8) Start Early

It's always a good idea to start early. Not only does it sometimes take time to find the perfect band, but it will give you ample opportunity to scout out the best deals. Marriage isn't something you decide on a whim, and the ring shouldn't be either. The ring is the physical representation of love for the duration of the marriage. Take the time to find the perfect ring for the perfect person.

9) Go For Timeless

Timeless for one person might mean something entirely different to someone else. Just make sure that the ring you love today is the ring that you'll love twenty, thirty, forty years from now. Perhaps one day you'll even pass it down to daughter or son, granddaughter or grandson and perhaps they'll even pass it down to their own children as a symbol of enduring love. Vintage rings are often timeless, but the styles, metals, and stones are already pre-chosen, and the ring will already have some wear and tear. If you're thinking of passing it down, this might not be the best option.

10) Pick A Price Range

Going in with a plan and a price range will take some of the stress out of buying that wedding ring. Research the types of styles, metal, and stones you want to go into crafting the ring and come up with a suitable budget to match. Going in with a price-range ahead of time allows you the opportunity to budget, especially since there will be more expenses, like the wedding, in the near future.


Finding the perfect wedding ring can be an overwhelming experience but, hopefully, these tips have helped point you in the right direction. But don't fret too much! Yes, the ring is important, but it's not what the marriage will be built on. After all, it's only just a thing. When all is said and done, he or she will love it not just because of the style, metal, or stones but because of everything it represents: A new life with you. Happy searching and good luck!