6 Steps To A Selfie Ready Smile

Taking the perfect selfie can be a pretty tricky thing to achieve. One of the key components to a great selfie is having a gorgeous smile. Having a great smile can take some work, but the results are well worth the effort. 

Here are a few of the best ways that you can make your smile photo-ready.  

See Your Dentist Every Six Months

Seeing your dentist is essential for your dental care routine. It's hard to see what's going on in your own mouth – that's why seeing a dentist regularly is vital. Your dentist will be able to give you tailored advice on what you need to do to keep your pearly whites looking their best. The NHS recommends that we get our teeth checked out by a dentist every one or two years – though you should go more regularly if you have a specific concern. 

Regular visits to the dentist also help protect against some common oral health issues that can worsen if left untreated. You will come out of the dentist's with thoroughly cleaned and polished teeth that will look amazing in any selfie, as well as the peace of mind that your teeth are in the best possible condition. 

You can also check a Greenwood Village dentist and set an appointment for a dental check-up. This way, you can be sure that your teeth are healthy and camera-ready.

Give Your Teeth The Best

It is important to choose the best products for your teeth. Your dentist can give you some recommendations on toothpaste and toothbrushes that will work best for your specific dental needs. Selecting the best products out there can make all the difference in making sure you have a healthy, happy smile. 

You should ensure that you change your toothbrush every three to four months or sooner if you notice the bristles on your toothbrush bending or falling off. A good brushing technique is also essential as brushing your teeth too rigorously or too gently can harm your teeth and gums.

Consider Whitening Treatments

If you're a fan of coffee or red wine, you may find that these tasty treats will stain your teeth over time. While proper brushing can help to ward off any staining on your teeth, sometimes you might need to break out the big guns and consider a tooth whitening treatment. 

Fortunately, there are some excellent options for whitening your teeth at home. Check out some of the quick, easy and super effective treatments from EuroWhite for an idea of the kind of at-home whitening products available. At-home teeth whitening is a simple, cost-effective way to keep your teeth looking gorgeous. 

Eat Well And Stay Hydrated

Eating well is hugely important for our dental health as well as our overall health. While fizzy drinks, sweets and chocolate can be great for an occasional treat, anything high in sugar can do damage to your teeth over time. You should try to balance out anything sugar-heavy with crunchier fruits and vegetables that are great for keeping your teeth healthy and clearing away any excess sugar. 

Staying hydrated can ensure that your teeth remain healthy. Tap water comes enriched with fluoride, which protects teeth against decay, so ensuring that you drink the right amount of water each day can make a huge difference in your oral health. 

Lush Lips

The right lip colour or gloss can make all the difference in having a winning smile. Whether you prefer a subtle coral shade or are a fan of a bold red lip, having a lip colour that compliments your skin tone is crucial to taking a beautiful selfie. 

It would help if you incorporated some lip care into your oral health routine. This should include lip balms with at least 20SPF. SPF will help to protect your delicate and sensitive lips from sun damage. Ideally, this should be used all year round as sun damage can occur at any time of the year. 

You could also use your toothbrush to exfoliate your lips when cleaning your teeth. This should be done gently and carefully to avoid causing any damage to your lips. This will help to remove any dead skin from your lips and keep them looking lush in photos. 

Practice Makes Perfect

If you're a newbie to the art of the selfie, then it may take a little practice until you find the angles and lighting that work for you. Natural light tends to be the best for making your skin look radiant and flawless. You could try making the most of the golden hour each day. This is the hour before sunset when natural light takes on a warm, mellow tone that is brilliantly flattering. 

Generally speaking, you should try and take selfies from a higher angle as this can flatter your face and minimise any flaws as well as helping highlight your cheekbones.

Experiment with makeup, poses, lighting and angles until you find the combination that works for you. Finding the right set up might take some time, but the results will be well worth it!