5 Things Not To Forget For Your Wedding Day

The big day is finally here. You have everything picked out; the color scheme, the outfit and the venue. But aren’t you forgetting something? Your wedding day is one of the grandest moments in your life but the pressure for everything to be perfect sometimes gets in the way of a beautiful day. Even with the best event planner, there are important things that could easily slip your mind. Here are things you should always have in your wedding day checklist.


  1.     Pick a Hands-on Person

As much as you may want your wedding day to be perfect, you cannot be in control of everything. There will be many people coming and going from vendors, photographers and even guests and there’s only much you can do in your wedding veil or tux. That is why you need a hands-on person to coordinate the plans you made. Before the big day, choose someone, it can be your best man or maid of honor to take charge of any activities for the glorious day. If anything arises, you can rest easy knowing you have someone in charge to handle it.

A good wedding is often pulled off in the small details. It is the small things that are overlooked that can have a big impact. 

It's a good idea to select this person well ahead of your wedding day. They can help you pick out your venue, and even your rings.

You can put them in charge of finding reviews on various services. This could be anything from reading reviews about venues to reading a Zales review about diamonds for your wedding ring. Get this person involved early so that they will be with you from start to finish even if you have a wedding planner.

  1.     Eat

With a lot to get done and let’s not forget the nerves, eating could be the last thing on your mind. Amidst getting hair and makeup, forgetting to eat is something most brides do. But trust that you need to eat. You need your energy to get through your big day. We wouldn’t want you to get light headed and faint on the aisle. You can have one of your bridesmaids remind you just in case you forget. Also, you can carry some snacks to munch on during the day to keep your energy up before meals are served.


  1.     Hire a Videographer

Don’t we all love to look back at our special and remember all those magical moments? However, it is sometimes easier said because with time, memories fade along with those moments we want to hold forever. Why not hire wedding videography services? Wedding videographers will capture all those memories and highlights that make you day into a love story film. Years later, you can still watch the video and relive the special day. Do your research on professionals that match your style and approach and hire them for the day.You won’t regret it!



  1.     Thank Your Guests

Your family, friends and colleagues have taken time out of their day to be part of your big moment, it’s good to show your gratitude. Remember to thank those guests you run into during the event. Since you cannot talk to everyone be sure to include a vote of thanks in your speech to show your guests how much you appreciate their love and support. Believe it or not, a small thank you will go a long way.


  1.     Enjoy Your Day

Why have a grand wedding when you are not going to enjoy it? With everything taken care of for the day, let your hair down and enjoy. Your wedding is only one day, you want to live in the moment. Take in the day and carve special moments with your better half. You can even slip out for a few minutes for a breather. Your partner is the only person who can relate to your feelings and emotions, you may want an intimate moment with them to appreciate the day with them.

On our big day, we would like to think that every detail is worth remembering. However, there are things that a couple should make extra effort to not forget on their special day. These are some tips to keep in mind to get through the day more smoothly.