5 Plants You Must Grow In Your Balcony Garden

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Walk up to your terrace in the morning hours, and you will feel an instant rejuvenation from fresh air and plants. Home-grown flora adds to living aesthetics. Mood-enhancing herbs are significant components of herbal tea and are excellent sources of aromatherapy and a range of essential oils.

Seasonal and evergreen plants, the options are many. Since houseplants reduce benzene and formaldehyde’s indoor pollution effect, the need to grow interior plants is a novel approach, as per the NASA study

Here are five plants to give an instant refresh to your balcony garden.  


Image Source: Unsplash

Before you buy these plants, know some crucial tips on starting a garden on the balcony at fig and spruce. Once you set up a garden, the first plant you should get is lavender.

The sweet-smelling lavender sitting on sunny balconies is like a pop of color. The beautiful smell of lavender plants infuses the house throughout the year. Grow this perennial plant to smell the prettiness of the Mediterranean valley.    

Snake Plant

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The snake plant, commonly described as mother-in-law’s tongue, is the most widely cultivated balcony plant. A low maintenance plant, its hard and thick leaves are pretty effective in indoor air purification. The snake plant leaves stand out for their white and grey bands and stiff arrangement. Since it survives in low lighting, this balcony plant serves well as an indoor decorative plant.     

Aloe Vera

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Aloe vera is one of the most common houseplants and is easy to grow. Take it as juice or apply it on dry and itchy skin, and dull hair to benefit from its medicinal properties. Aloe vera’s thick and fleshy leaves soothe the skin and body. Its topical application also soothes the skin burns and cuts. Less water is an advantage for aloe vera’s growth. This indoor plant finds commercial use in a wide range of cosmetics. 

Money Plant

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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but the money plant may bring good luck and good fortune. A money plant has small, round leaves and needs low maintenance. It helps remove gas pollutants; hence it is the most preferred in the house balcony.  

Holy Basil

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Basil is the most-grown indoor plant for its medical purpose. Grown in India since times immemorial, Basil or Tulsi is a culinary herb and mosquito repellent. Basil plants need adequate watering when the soil dries up. It requires less watering during winters and monsoons, but it needs suitable sunlight for its growth.        


Ornamental plants add greenery to your balcony. All it requires is a sunny climate and medium-to-low watering from time to time. With winters on their way out, now is the time to grow balcony plants in your home. You can also grow vegetables, shrubs, herbs, dwarf trees, and foliage plants on your balcony to enhance the beauty of your indoor garden.