3 Ways to Quickly Spice Up Your Stale Relationship

When the monotony of work, kids and everyday hassles kick in, it’s easy for romance to be shoved to the side. If your relationship resembles something closer to roommates than the red-hot lovers you used to be, it’s time to get your spark back. Add spice into your love life using the tips below.

  1. Spend Date Night In

Whether you're quarantined at home, in a long-distance relationship, or just sticking around the house a bit more, quality time together still matters. A date night at home is the perfect reason to break out your best dishware, dig out the candles, and use your nice linen and tablecloths to add a special touch.

Still, dress up as though you were going out. As such, wear your favorite little black dress or that sassy new pantsuit. Put on your best jewelry and do your hair. And, don’t forget about what you wear underneath your clothing. To that end, you can show off a glimpse of that bustier in a revealing top or let your dress hit just below your lace garter. 

Regardless of which way you go, though, there's nothing sexier than an unexpected flash of lingerie. Keep your partner or spouse excited all during dinner and then watch the sparks fly for dessert.

  1. Find a New Hobby

When the going gets stale, you need something different to talk about. Indeed, the same old conversations about work, family and friends can only go so far. Create new memories while simultaneously boosting your mental health with a shared hobby or activity. 

However, know that any hobby you pick up doesn't need to cost a fortune. Start going for a run or bike ride as a couple for a change of scene. Hike a nearby trail or that tough mountainside you've been dying to try. From free exercise videos on YouTube to an assortment of apps, get fit and enjoy a different kind of activity together.

Or go a different route and get creative whether you live together or apart. With oodles of subscription boxes available, like Paletteful Packs or a Makers Kit, featuring everything from crafts to painting, it isn't hard to get the supplies you need — and the right inspiration — all in one box. You can work on your new skills together, whether it’s via video or side by side. Either way, it’s a fun, fresh skill to share as a pair.

  1. Break Up the Routine

Find yourself stuck in a rut when it comes to doing the same types of things over and over again? Then bust out of your usual routine, pronto. This is especially true for long-distance relationships or anyone stuck in quarantine. If you already know when you'll next chat with each other, and it doesn’t vary much, mix it up. Send an unexpected flirty text to get your partner going before your next Zoom meeting. Or mail a personal gift just to let them know you care.

It’s even easier to make those needed changes at home. Instead of reaching for the TV remote, break out a board game or a deck of cards (strip poker, anyone?). You could also make a pot of coffee or tea, cuddle together on the sofa, and spend time listening to each other. Or, better yet, don’t say anything at all and see where the morning takes you.

Reconnecting as a Couple Shouldn't be Difficult

It’s easy for any relationship to get stuck in a rut. Banish boredom with a new shared hobby, mix up your usual routine, and enjoy a sexy date night spent at home.