3 transport options for your wedding day

After getting engaged, it’s time to plan a wedding! When planning for such a special occasion, there is a lot to consider. From outfits to flowers, food to a venue, the checklist for a wedding is rather long. However, one element that should definitely not be overlooked is transport. Many couples decide to get married at one venue and then use another venue for their reception, but some key points need to be considered first. How will the happy couple move from venue to venue? How will the couple even get to the first venue? What about groomsmen and bridesmaids? Parents? Other guests? There will be quite a few guests that need some sort of transport, especially if they have a role to play in the wedding. Let’s take a look at some of the transport options.


Probably the most popular transport choice is the classic wedding car. Usually, a wedding party will likely have two cars if they’re opting for a traditional wedding. This allowed the father and the bride to ride in one car, and then any bridesmaids or flower girls will follow in another. The mother of the bride can ride in either car too. Now, if you would like a car for your wedding, you don’t have to have it set out this way. It’s your wedding, and you can have as many cars as you like and have whoever in whichever car; it’s all down to personal preference. Cars would be a great option if you were to have a bridal party of 3-4. There is ample space in a car for 4 bridesmaid/flower girls. Plus, you can also get some wedding cars that can sit 5 other passengers besides the driver, so if the bridal party were a little bigger, there would still be space. This kind of transport looks elegant in any photos and is usually chosen when the happy couple wants a classic and traditional wedding.


For larger wedding parties, a limo might be a better option. Limos can accommodate between 8-18 people depending on which limo is chosen. Certain styles of limos are longer, which means that more people can fit in. Limos are great if the groom and groomsmen would all like to travel together to the wedding venue together. Plus, if you’re having a large wedding, a bigger transport option is probably wise to cover all bases. A downside of limos for brides is that they’re often quite low on the ground and the doors can be too small for brides who want to wear an extravagant princess dress. It can be a little bit of a faff trying to manoeuvre a dress into a small space, especially with so much material. Other than that, a limo is a great option for everyone to be kept together.

Wedding bus

Some brides and grooms out there want to provide transport for all of their guests, not just to the wedding party. A wedding bus is a great way to move everyone from A to B with ease, without having anyone be left out. This is also an excellent option for couples who want to stick to a tight schedule as they can keep track of all of their guests. It also ensures that guests end up at the right venues, too, as the bus driver will know exactly where to go. These wedding buses can be painted white and decorated similarly to the wedding, so everything matches which looks great in any pictures that are taken. Wedding guests will also appreciate that they have been considered on the day.

There are other transport options out there, and some couples like to opt for something totally unique. From taxis to tractors, carriages, and moped, you name it, any transport is possible!