2021 Travel Destinations In Europe You Should Have On Your Bucket List

It is no surprise that Europe accounts for about 50% of all global tourism. That’s because the continent is home to some of the world’s most beautiful destinations, buzzing with life, culture, and historical places. Although travel took a significant hit in 2020 because of the coronavirus’s onset, 2021 still offers many people the opportunity to see the world again, especially with the emergence of vaccines. 


If you love to travel, now is the time to start planning out your next travel experience, and which better place to start from than Europe? But because the continent holds so many options, you may need some help picking the best destinations. And that’s why this article is for you. So, are you looking for an unforgettable European travel destination? The following suggestions should be beneficial.




From Denmark to Norway, the Scandinavian region has plenty of bucket-list destinations to offer any traveler searching for something genuinely unique all year round. Summertime in Scandinavia means you get to enjoy pleasant weather, which welcomes you to a great outdoor experience. You’ll get to see the beautifully unique landscapes and enjoy the natural wonders of peaceful reflection during the warm season.


However, summertime isn’t necessarily the best time to visit Scandinavia, especially if you want to revel in the Northern lights’ mesmerizing sights. The northern regions have an array of truly spectacular and enchanting glows, with the Northern Lights in Lapland offering a beautiful example of mother nature taking the time to graffiti the sky. During the summer of these regions, the sun does not fully set. And periods between October and March (known as the aurora borealis) provide the best chance to witness this magnificent display of lights. 


The Azores

If there is a place in Europe that serves what we can term as a geological drama (except for Iceland), that place will be the Azores. From majestic cliffs that seem to shoot out of the earth’s surface to punctuate densely forested islands to vineyards sheltered by boulders, the Azores is definitely a place to visit. This archipelago, located about 950 miles off Portugal’s coast, is the junction between the North American, European, and African tectonic plates. 


The location offers a sizzling pot brewing with a mix of geological goodies like sulphuric hot springs, volcanic craters, surf breaks, and so much more. Plus, the local authorities have done a remarkable job of keeping the marine reserves of this reaching through sustainable tourism. You can take advantage of small planes and ferries to access this piece of paradise, with islands like Sao Jorge, Pico, and Faial ready to welcome you.

Pula’s Amphitheatre


When you think about an Amphitheatre, Rome is usually the most popular place that comes to mind. But have you ever tried visiting Pula’s version of the amphitheater and its surrounding areas? This breathtaking piece of monument nestles in North Croatia, along the southern strip of the Istrian Peninsula. The small town of Pula is rich in history, with beautiful relics of its part scattered across every area of the town. 


Plus, its small-town feeling also adds to its aesthetic appeal, which attracts holidaymakers almost all year through. And if you love the history of ancient Rome, you will be shocked to find that the region’s capital serves a beautiful atmosphere of ancient Rome enveloped by the buzz of the modern city. But the main center of attraction is the amphitheater. This piece of architectural spectacle was built from limestone as far back as the first century. And if you’re lucky enough to visit the region at the right time, you might get an extra perk of taking part in a local festival or concert in the amphitheater. 


Stockholm, Sweden

We’re back in the Scandinavian region. But this time around, our focus is on Stockholm, Sweden. If your fear of the cold is enough to keep you away from exploring the Northern Lights, perhaps you can use the options Stockholm has as some consolation. Many of the most memorable things you can experience in this location are all outdoors. For example, you can explore the inner city island and enjoy some sunbathing luxury. You can also take a dive in a lake and allow the fresh waters to caress your skin, or go for a less active moment of sauna relaxation, or both. 


And as if that is not enough, Stockholm also offers beautiful forest paths that you can explore and take in the freshness of nature. When the sun is out, you can take a quick tour around town either on foot or using a bicycle (or even a scooter). And if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, you can island-hop with a boat or through a foot-bridge. To the southern part of Sweden, a place like Skane fails to get the coverage it deserves. But this area is also worth exploring, as it offers beautiful lakes, wineries, and coastal towns, with canals you will love to explore on a rental bike.

Salento, Italy


We briefly mentioned the beauty of Rome when we touched on the beauty of Pula’s amphitheater. So, let’s visit a different part of Italy - Salento. If you’re looking for one of the best Italian escape destinations in 2021, then you should start making plans to visit Salento. The Salento region is located in the bottom area of the country’s heel and offers a wide range of geographical spectacles ranging from limestone columns at the southern part to plunging cliffs at the west coast and everything in between. This is the reason why many European tours include Salento as one of the stops. 


Many travelers would have considered this location a bit too languid to consider as a memorable travel destination a few years ago. But Salento has upped its game over the past couple of years, especially with a series of smart stays. You will find antiques, villas of arches, and old townhouses given a touch of modern luster. This is the place you want to go if you’re going to enjoy a romantic moment or a getaway from the rest of life’s rat-race.