20 New Ways To Short Hair Styling

Long hairs are beautiful but short hairs are trending nowadays and it seems that almost everyone wants them. There are so many different ways to style short hairs that even if you are into a lot of hair styles then also you would love short hairs. Many people still believe that there are very limited hairstyles and cut for short hairs but that’s totally false. It would be great if you would know about all the trendy short hairstyles so that you can get the best out of all. Here are some of the best new ways to do short hairstyling that you can definitely try for your hairs:

Breezy bob cut would suit all women:

This is one of the easiest ways to style your short hair cut. If you have bob hair cut then you can create some weaves at the front section so that your hairs could look breezy. This looks the best if you have naturally wavy hairs. This would even suit almost all women irrespective of the age factor.

Textured pixie would be loved by all:

Pixie is for those who want extremely short hairs but if you think that there are no ways to style pixie then you might be mistaking. Here you can have a textured pixie hairstyle for your pixie hair cut. This would make your hair look voluminous and you would look so smart at the same time which is just so amazing.

Curly shag hairs are best for those who want curls:

If you don’t really want to get perfect curls but you enjoy voluminous hairs then this is the best hairstyle for your bobs. Short hair already adds a lot of volume to your hairs but this particular hairstyle would just increase the volume of your hairs. You can have soft curls to achieve this hairstyle easily at home so you should try this short hairstyle.

Textured bobs can be tried by all:

Textured bobs are great for a bit of mature people but now even young women love this hairstyle. You would of course have a bob cut in this case but the bob hairs would not be sleek in this look. You would have lots of textures in your hairs and that’s so beautiful which is an amazing thing for sure. You should definitely give this hairstyle a try if you are fond of short hair.

What about sleek chignon:

Chignon hairstyle is loved in some parts of the world and now people from around the world are trying this hairstyle. This hairstyle is not just limited to long hairs but now even you can try this hairstyle with short hairs. This would need some effort to get it perfect and it is worth putting in the effort for sure. Setting spray and gels would be your best friends if you want this hairstyle.

Blunt bob would make you look hot:

Blunt bob is one of the most stunning hairstyles that you can have. If you love experimenting with your hairstyle then this hairstyle deserves your try. Here you would have blunt hairs for sure and that you can try slanting bob in this case. The front section would be a bit long from the rest of your hair in this hairstyle.

Stranded bob is so beautiful:

If you always thought that stranded hairstyle is meant for just long hair then you might not have checked this hairstyle. Here you would have to set your hairs into strands and you would have a bob haircut in this hairstyle. This would make you look so pretty that you would love this hairstyle.

Messy bangs with a sleek back:

The combination of messy hairs with sleeked hairs sounds just crazy and impossible but now you can have both. Here you can cut your hair into bob cut and keep the back of the hairs sleek. You can cut the front section of your hairs into bangs and you don’t have to worry about your bangs being sleek. Your bangs would be messy and that’s the beauty of this hairstyle.


Tight curly bob looks so gorgeous:

Tight curls look so pretty but not every woman feels courageous to carry this look. If you know how to rock tight curls then you would love this hairstyle on you. Here you have to get your hairs cut in a short bob and then you have to get tight curls. You have to trust us that this hairstyle looks so stunning.

Wet textured bob suits almost everyone:

Wet hairs look so damn good if you know how to carry them. It is kind of weird to carry long wet hairs but if you have bob hairs then you can definitely rock the wet hair. This would make your hair look healthy and the good thing is that you don’t even have to think about blow-drying your hair every time. You can make your hair remain wet for long by using a moisturizing hair setting gel.

A wavy lob of mid-length is a great option:

Lobs are perfect for those who cannot decide about getting short hairs. You can start with a lob haircut of course as that is of your shoulder length. You can obviously customize the length of the lob haircut which is just so amazing. Here the catch is the wavy texture of the lob haircut. This would make you look so pretty.

Long pixie looks so sleek:

Pixie hairstyle is so bold that people with courageous hearts can only get this and if you are bold enough then you can, of course, get it. Here you can go for a sleek pixie haircut which is a bit longer than the usual pixie hairs. Here you would also have to get straight hairs for this look. This hairstyle looks good on almost all women.

Wavy bangs with bob:

Wavy bangs are kind of bold and not everyone can carry them with grace but if you are strong enough to carry the weaves then go for this hairstyle. You just have to get bangs with bobs and you can easily wave the bangs at your home. A curler would definitely be helpful for you in this whole process.

Braided sides with sleek bob:

Bobs are great and you can easily style them irrespective of the size of the hairs you hair. You can keep the entire bob sleek and get the sides braided. Braids are another trending hairstyle that people love to try. Here you can try two trending hairstyles to look classy and beautiful at the same time.

Beachy waves look so damn good:

Beachy waves are an absolute favorite hairstyle of many people and why not? This hairstyle suits almost every woman. You can get beachy waves using few products which have to be a great thing for sure. You can use a curler to get beachy waves. You can also DIY at night to wake up with perfect beachy waves in the morning.

Set sleek front to back bob hairs:

Sleek hairstyles are loved by all and if you want to maintain a classy look while having short hair then you can try this hairstyle. Here you have to style your hair in a very sleek way and you can do it at your home. You can have any short hair and still rock in this amazing sleep hairstyle.

Sleek bob with fringes:

Fringes are in trend and so you should also try them out for sure. If you have straight hair or if you are planning to get your hair straightened then you can try out sleek bobs with fringes. This is one such hairstyle that looks so amazing on almost all face-shape. This is a very sleek hairstyle that almost any woman can use which is amazing.

Side bob with one side shaved:

If you are bold enough to try a lot of different bold hairstyles then you can try to shave one side of your hair. This is one of the best hairstyles if you want to look a bit bold. Here you have to part your hairs on one side. The small side of your head would be shaven and the other side would have the hair. This looks so amazing for sure.

S-wave shoulder bob:

This is one of the most unique ways to make your short hairs look pretty. This is very pretty but you would not see many people do this so you would stand out with this hairstyle. This kind of sleek s-shaped curls would look so beautiful if you have shoulder-length hair. You can easily curl as there are specific curlers for s-shaped curls.

Accessorize your bobs:

If you already got your bobs done but you cannot do a lot with the styling then you can try to add some accessories for your hairs. There are so many different hair accessories that you can try out. Some pearl clips would be the best accessory that you can try. You can also try some gorgeous hairbands for your short bobs which are so beautiful.