19 Ways to Banish Extremely Dry Skin in 2021

19 Ways to Banish Extremely Dry Skin in 2021

Do you suffer from extreme dryness of your skin almost daily? There can be several reasons behind such dryness of the skin such as not moisturizing the skin enough, not drinking enough water, internal conditions, and a plethora of other reasons. Usually, extremely dry skin is itchy, flaky and there are signs of redness. Such skin might feel irritating and uncomfortable. Also, such skin loses all its glow and life and looks very unappealing. But don't worry! There are a lot of remedies for such skin and we have discussed some of the best ones here.

1. Moisturize more often

Do you apply enough moisturizer to your skin, especially after washing it? Every time you use any product to wash your skin, like a cleanser, you are stripping your skin of its natural oils. This makes the skin look and feels extremely dry. For treating such dry skin, always go for oil-based moisturizers and not water-based. These moisturizers will lock the moisture in your skin by creating a protective barrier on it. Usually, night creams are thick and lathery and keep the skin moisturized for longer hours than day creams. Even facial oils like almond oil, primrose oil, avocado oil, or mineral oil can keep your skin hydrated and glowing for long hours. Evening primrose oil contains essential fatty acids like omega 6 and omega 3 which maintains the natural hydration and health of the skin well. Look for moisturizers that contain hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and other skin hydrating ingredients.

2. Use sunscreen daily

Skipping sunscreen is like a skincare crime! Do not even think of stepping out of your home without slathering on a good sunscreen with SPF protection even on not so sunny day. The harmful UV rays of the skin can cause deep skin damage and make your skin completely dry. If you want to maintain the good health of your skin, applying a layer of sunscreen after moisturizing is essential. No matter how busy your Best mornings are, do not get tempted to cut this from your morning routine. Water or gel-based, lightweight sunscreen with a broad spectrum works well. Apply it 30 minutes before you leave your home and keep re-applying if you stay outdoors for long hours.

3. Overnight treatment

The best way to revitalize or rejuvenate your dry skin is to have a proper night skincare routine. Go for deep moisturizing lotions and creams that penetrate deep into the skin and replenish it. Emollients are a bit heavier in texture and get absorbed slowly in the skin but they will provide your skin the adequate moisture and skin oils it needs for longer periods. If you are applying thick ointment based creams on your hand and feet, put on socks to prevent it from rubbing into the bed sheet or covers. Search for moisturizers that contain oat oil, oat flour, ceramides, beeswax, etc. so that your dry skin heals completely from within.

4. Vitamins

If your dry skin is caused by internal problems, simply applying products won't do. A better supplement and a topical remedy for dry skin are vitamins. You can go for vitamin E that is loaded with antioxidants and has great anti-inflammatory. It works magically as a facial oil and prevents water loss from the skin, keeping it moisturized all the time. No matter how dry and uneven your skin is, this remedy is sure to work. Even fish oil and flax seeds supplements are great for the skin and prevent the problems of itching, rashes, and other dry skin issues. If you are not a big fan of leafy veggies, you should also take lutein and zeaxanthin supplements to keep your skin from drying out. Vitamin D, zinc, and astaxanthin are also great moisturizers.

5. Visit a dermatologist

Dermatologists or skin specialists can analyze the root cause of the dryness of your skin and advice you accordingly. Dryness of skin is not always an external problem. Rather, at times it occurs due to problems in our body's internal systems as well. We incorporate a lot of skincare products of different brands in our skincare routine. Some of these products might contain harmful substances that don't suit our skin and deprive it of hydration. Skincare specialists can advise you on which products to ditch or add to your skincare regimen for more glowing and healthier skin. Every skincare product that a dermatologist recommends isn't that pricey and your skin will always respond well to it.

6. Humidifiers

This option might seem a little unrealistic to you but trust us, it does work. You can place mini humidifiers at several spots in your home so that the moisture is well-dispensed throughout all rooms. Once the air in your surroundings is well moisturized, your skin automatically remains well hydrated. It is a great cure to relieve skin dryness.

7. Keep yourself well hydrated always

It is basic common sense that if you want your skin to be supple and soft, you need to care about your internal organs first. Once your internal system is well hydrated, your skin remains hydrated automatically. Drink almost 2.5-3 liters of water every single day to keep your skin from dehydration. Once you intake sufficient water, harmful toxins from your body are eliminated which keeps the skin smooth and moisturized. Intake as many water-based fluids like soup or juice as you can in a day to prevent your skin from drying out and try to limit the intake of caffeine.

8. Ditch skincare products that strip off moisture from your skin

If you feel your skin to be dry and uncomfortable always, it is best not to use many products on it since most of them contain strong chemicals that can dry out your skin even further. Stay away from any kind of harsh peels, masks, or alcohol-based products such as toner or astringents. You can use toners but look out for the alcohol-free ones. The more suitable skincare products for dry skin can be mild foaming cleansers, cleansing milk, etc. Also completely avoid clay-based masks for dry skin since they pull out the natural oils and moisture of the skin. Instead, go for deeply hydrating masks that can replenish the skin much better. Use even these mild and gentle products not too often.

9. Go easy on exfoliants and scrubs

You might have heard that exfoliants remove the dead layer of your skin and make it look more vibrant and smooth. But over-exfoliation is the worst thing you can do to dry skin. If your skin is too dry or flaky, physical scrubs with large granules are the last thing you should go for. They can tear apart your skin's moisture barrier and dry it even further. Instead, if you want go for mild and gentle chemical exfoliants that can be gently rubbed off from the skin. But, if your skin is already cracked and raw and if you can feel the irritation, it is better to avoid any kind of exfoliation treatments until your skin is completely healed again.

10. Use stronger moisturizers for your hand and feet

Minty and lovely smelling, light moisturizers for the body is perfect for normal skin. But if your skin is a little extra dry, you have to give it special care. Petroleum or shea butter based skin jellies, especially the ones with glycerine can work wonders on dry skin. Cocoa-based body lotions with thick and heavy texture are also great for dry skin. You can also periodically peel off the dead skin from your hands and feet using mild scrubs so that the moisturizers seep in deeper and faster on your skin.

11. Adjust your skincare routine

Sometimes the skin on your face is drier as compared to the other parts of your body. In that case, you might need to change your skincare regimen a bit. As we have mentioned earlier, the lesser the products, the better it is for dry skin. Keep your skincare very simple. Keep the extra treatments and ingredients off your skin for a while and focus only on moisturizers and sunscreen. A gentle cleanser and a night cream are enough for the nighttime skin regimen. Products like toner, serum, or other kinds of expensive beauty treatments are of no use if your skin's moisture barrier isn't healthy in the first place. Dry skin is extremely sensitive and can react badly to fragrance and alcohol-based products. You have to be very conscious about what you are using on dry skin or else you will face skin irritation. Products that feel and work great on normal skin might not work for your dry skin at all. So choose your skincare products wisely. Once your skin returns to its normal state, you can go back to your posh skincare treatment and luxury products.

12. Hydrating sheet masks

Are you in a situation where no matter how many moisturizers you lather on your face, it still feels dry and parched? Sheet masks can be your savior. Hydrating sheet masks are drenched with moisture-boosting active ingredients and can replenish and rejuvenate your skin like never before. If your skin has lost all its dewiness and glow, you can restore it through sheet masks. Sheet masks contain serums that penetrate the skin and instantly hydrate it. Using a hydrating sheet mask, two to three times a week can make your skin feel and look more plump, firm, and dewy.

13. Superhot baths are not for you

After a long and tiring day at work, you might feel like winding up and de-stressing with a nice, hot shower. But you have to resist the temptation of a bath that is too hot. Though you might feel energized after it, extremely hot water can cause great damage to your skin. For maintaining the nourishment of your skin the temperature of the water should be no greater than lukewarm. Hot water can remove all your natural skin oils and leave it completely dry. Intense showers break down the lipid barrier of your skin. Instead, go for mildly warm water with oatmeal or baking soda so that the natural moisture of your skin is protected. Also, after you have showered do not vigorously dry off your skin with a towel. Use a soft towel and gently pat your skin so that the top layer of your skin retains the moisture.

14. Try adding occlusives to your skincare regimen

Do you feel that thick moisturizers or emollients or re-applying lotions, again and again, are not doing much to heal your dry skin? You can consider incorporating occlusive ingredients into your skincare regimen then. Such ingredients create a physical, moisture-lock barrier on your skin that keeps it well hydrated. Some of the best occlusive ingredients are shea butter, cocoa butter, roseship oil, jojoba oil, petroleum, jelly-based products like Aquaphor and Vaseline, etc. Apply these ingredients once or twice per day on your skin after moisturizing and you can see the results for yourself.

15. Wear gloves

This idea might seem straight-up weird but you can use this hack during winters. The skin on your hand is much thinner as compared to the other parts of your body since it has fewer oil glands. So, it becomes very difficult to keep the skin of your hands well moisturized. The ultimate physical barriers to your skin from environmental factors that can dry it out are gloves. Once you put on your gloves, it is less exposed to dry or hot air which keeps it smooth and well hydrated. It can also prevent the itchiness and cracking up of dried up skin. If you feel irritated from the woolen socks, you can slip on a cotton sock first. Also, make sure to not wet the gloves throughout the day since it might cause skin problems like cracking, sores, itching, or even a serious condition of eczema.

16. Always go for non-irritating fabrics

One of the most important rules of maintaining skin health is avoiding it's exposure to harsh and irritating fabrics. If your skin is extra dry, always put on loose and comfortable clothes with natural fabrics that will protect your already dry skin from extra irritation. Also, if you wear body-hugging clothes with artificial fabrics, the moisturizers you apply on your skin won't stay and your skin will not be able to breathe. Also, make sure you wash your clothes in mild detergents formulated for sensitive skin. Such detergents are free from any kind of harsh chemicals or fragrances that might further damage your skin. Also, make sure your pillow covers and bed sheet are regularly washed and have a skin-friendly texture.

17. Coconut oil

One of the most naturally soothing and effective remedies for dry skin has to be coconut oil. Natural coconut oil has a high content of essential fatty acids which keeps your skin naturally hydrated and well moisturized. Coconut oil has great emollient properties that can soothe your dry skin and make it extremely soft and smooth by filling up the spaces between your skin cells. It is a great source for nourishing replenishment of your skin that adds up a lustrous glow to it. Even, the dryness of the most sensitive parts of your body such as your under eyes and the area around your mouth can be treated using coconut oil. Do not try to mix it with other artificial products. Instead, gently apply it on bare skin.

18. Probiotics

Did you know that the dryness of your skin is just not caused by external factors but depends equally on the functioning of your internal system as well? If your digestive system isn't proper, chances are your skin will be extremely dry no matter how many products you lather on the outside. Your digestive system supports the majority of your immune system and any kind of disturbances in the immune system is bound to cause skin inflammation and dryness. Healthy digestion is the key to healthy skin. Probiotic food and supplements such as yogurt, miso soup, kefir, soft cheese that are good for your gut can prevent extreme dryness of your skin as well.

19. Home-made face packs

You can use the natural ingredients from your kitchen to prepare home-made face packs that can cure the dryness of your skin and make it more supple and glowing. A sugar and cucumber or honey and banana or watermelon and rose petals face pack are great choices for hydrating the skin naturally from within. You can even apply some aloe vera, rice flour paste, and curd with almond paste on your skin to rejuvenate and heal your skin completely. A cocoa powder or avocado and strawberry face mask works the best if the dryness is too extreme.


Each of the remedies discussed in this blog is effective for treating and healing extremely dry skin. Incorporate most of these tips into your skincare to notice visible changes in only a few days.