What To Expect with Your New Hair Transplants

Your hair requires quite a lot of care in order to grow healthily. The same goes out for hair transplants. If you’ve recently gotten a hair transplant, chances are that you might be confused about what to expect next. 

In this article, we’ll be discussing all the questions you may have regarding your new hair transplants! 

How Long Do Hair Transplants Last? 

If you’re wondering how long does a hair transplant last, the answer may vary depending on your hair growth. 

Firstly, keep in mind that your hair may start growing properly at least six months. Moreover, you’ll also see the proper results after a period of one year at the most and not immediately. 

As for the efficiency of the transplant, hair transplants are a permanent option. So, most of them will last forever. 

How to Take Care of Your New Hair Transplants? 

Handling hair transplants may get tricky sometimes, as you might be unaware of what to do and what not to do. So, let’s see what steps you can take in order to take care of them.

  • Don’t Do Intensive Exercises 

It is essential that if you’re a workout person, you go low on exercising at least for one after the procedure is done. 

Moreover, it is also important that you don’t do carry any heavy weights for about two weeks after the procedure.

  • Sleep With Your Head Elevated

If you’re experiencing swelling, it is always preferable to sleep with your head elevated (at least 45 degrees elevation). This may sound quite tedious but there are always some ways, such as getting a recliner to sleep, that may help you in sleeping. 

You may have to do it as long as the swelling lasts. Once it is over, continue with sleeping normally!

  • Don’t Go For Steams, Sauna, or Sunbathing 

A good beach and sunny day can often make you want to go out there and sunbathe. However, if you have recently gotten a hair transplant, stop yourself from doing it!

Experts advise people with new hair transplants to not go for steams, saunas or sunbathing for at least three weeks after the procedure.

What to Eat After Getting New Hair Transplants? 

If you’re confused about your diet chart after getting new hair transplants, know that you’ll be requiring a lot of healthy nutrients to push the process. 

These nutrients include: 

  • Vitamins

Vitamins, especially B7 and B12 are extremely important for the nourishment, quality, and health of your hair. So, make sure you eat food, such as chicken, banana, avocado, eggs, and nuts, that contain these nutrients. 

  • Zinc 

Zinc is an important factor when it comes to hair thinning and hair loss. So, if you want to have a successful outcome with hair transplants, include foods rich in Zinc in your diet. 

These include fish, eggs, shrimps, spinach, and chickpeas. 

  • Iron 

Just like zinc, iron-deficiency can lead to hair loss too. So, it is essential to eat an iron-rich diet. Moreover, Iron also helps in getting stronger hair with a rich texture. 

Consider adding food items such as spinach, oyster, beef, and beans for an iron-rich diet. 

Why does Hair Fall After Getting Hair Transplants? Is it Normal?

Yes, it is normal for hair to fall after getting a hair transplant. This is known as shock loss. It usually happens after two to three weeks after getting the transplant. 

The hair fall is because of the trauma that is caused due to the hair transplant. You can reduce the hair fall by consulting your doctor and getting medications. 

Final Thoughts

Thus, getting new hair transplants isn’t the end of the journey. Even after two to three weeks of the procedure, you may have to take extra care to get the best results from the transplant.