What is the best Wood Oil for your project?

Wood oil is an oil used to finish various types of wood. It is made of natural products and it brings out the charter of the wood. There are many kinds but the most popular are danish oil, teak oil, linseed oil, and tung oil. Before you start your wood project make sure you explore the different types of wood oil and select the one the is best for your project.

Danish oil and teak oil dry faster than linseed oil. With both of these wood oils, you don't want to apply too much or it won't sink into the wood. Lightly sand the wood in-between applications. Both of these oils take 3 to 4 coats. 

Danish oil is the best wood oil to use for oak furniture and interior oak. It works best on new and untreated wood. Danish oil is durable and dirt resistant and that's why it is good to use on doors, frames, kitchen cabinetry, and wooden floors. This oil will not obscure the color and grain of the wood. Danish oil has a more lustrous finish because it dries into the wood and not on the wood. Therefore giving the wood a deep natural look. Danish oil does not do well on outdoor furniture.

High-quality teak oil is the best wood oil to use for outdoor furniture and marina wood such as the wooden sections on boats. Teak oil can stand the elements of the outdoors. It protects the wood against UV rays and water stains. It also slows down the color fade. It is not safe to use on products that come into direct contact with food. This oil has a slight sheen.

Linseed oil should only be used if the wood already has linseed oil in it or new wood. You should never put linseed oil on top of any other natural oil. This oil takes 2 or 3 days to dry between applications if it is the standard linseed. You can use boiled linseed which takes about 12 hours to dry. This oil is also water-repellent. You need many coats when applying to new wood, usually 3 to 5 coats or more. Linseed oil is not suited for outdoor wood. Do not use it on a surface where you prepare food. Once you are finished with all your applications, buff with, a soft cloth to get a nice sheen.

Tung oil is good for oak furniture and many others. This is said to be the finest natural finish for wood. The Chinese have used this for thousands of years. Also, it is non-toxic after it dry. Tung oil also tales 3 to 5 coats and the wood needs to be sanded between applications. You will get a soft and shiny look with this oil.

Mineral oil is good when you need a non-toxic finish, such as a chopping board used for food, wooden bowls, wood tables, and wooden countertops. This oil will help reserve wooden furniture but the wood is not sealed.

So, what is the best wood oil for home use?

It depends upon the project and all of these are available at https://woodwhiz.com/best-oils-for-wood. For dining room tables, what you want to use is mineral oil, which when combined with various waxes, provides a nice penetration of the wood yet is food-safe.