Top 5 Ways to Make Your Quarantine Entertaining

Remember the time when we all thought quarantine would last for 2 weeks? A month? Well, those two weeks have awfully expanded from March, making us feel like we've been homebound for the past two years. Whether the time you have already spent in isolation is a time you cherish or a time that you'd want to forget, we prepared a list of tips on how you can improve your quarantine experience to make it more entertaining. 

Let's face it - it's already been a year, and the situation isn’t improving as fast as we thought it would. So you should brace yourself with the best entertainment that will make any future isolation periods much more bearable - and maybe even fun! 

A fun quarantine doesn't have to be an oxymoron, so keep on reading to discover how. 

TV Entertainment

Television provides an excellent opportunity to keep one busy and entertained at the same time - maybe even to learn a little or explore the world. With numerous channels available right now, it may be hard to decide what you want to watch today. 

If you're a sports fanatic, we highly recommend checking out one of the various online streamings to follow any sport played in any part of the globe - e.g., Catch up with your favorite games or discover a whole new sport discipline or a league.

We know exactly what we're doing tonight in this case, as nothing feels quite as good as a chance to relax in the comfort of your home while watching a thrilling match!


While stuck at home with a limited range of activities to occupy your leisure time, isn't it the perfect moment to treat your body by including exercise in your daily routine? The gyms may be closed, but it doesn’t mean all is lost. You might start by following video exercises until you discover what works best for you. You can find free exercise routines all over the internet - all you need is a bit of motivation - and we're here to tell you it's worth it! 

So get a mat if you don't already have one, put on your training clothes, and start following those workout tutorials. You'll soon see that the extra sweat will make you feel so much better - not only physically but mentally as well.

Exercise is not only a great way to let go of the extra pounds we might have gained during quarantine, but also to get your mind off worries. Because change starts from within! 


Ironically, we have placed baking right after exercising - but let us explain. 

Moderation is vital in life, and it may mean having a slice of your favorite cake after a hard day at work. We're not telling you to bake a pie every day and dedicate your life to the kitchen, but maybe a new skill is something you need to grow during that period. 

Baking will bring you a variety of benefits. First of all, it’s always motivating and life-changing to gain a new skill, especially one that may come in handy in the future. Then, it’s also an excellent way to spend your time productively, focus on something, and stop overthinking. Last but not least - you will treat your palate in the process.

The perfect combination of learning and entertainment, blended with a spoon of vanilla! How sweet! 


For many people, especially avid readers, writing is something they've always loved or wanted to try but never got the time. If you are such a person, now might be a better time than ever to test your skills and perhaps even monetize them. Writing can indeed be incredibly cathartic (which in the time of the global pandemic might be what we all need), but it may also help you make some extra bucks. And who doesn't love an additional source of income, especially during times like these?

Start by writing down your thoughts or developing the plot for a book; you may also find various courses online that will help you improve your skills or organize your thoughts better. Besides, you can browse through job ads on the web and send your texts to different people or websites just to see if you will get any feedback.

Online Classes

Online classes don’t always require you to pay big money - there are many free educational courses available right now. What’s more, numerous can be accessed with a special discount. However, even if you want to enroll in a paid course, your money will certainly be well-spent. You should even consider it more like an investment.

Online classes provide a unique opportunity for you to gain some knowledge and new skills without leaving the comfort of your home. A well-chosen course will allow you to grow, personally and/or professionally while keeping you busy and your mind working during the times that probably have you worry about the future.


Whether you love it or hate it, the global pandemic and numerous restrictions have given the majority of us a lot of extra time, and it’s completely natural that sometimes, we might not know what to do with it. 

Keeping yourself busy and entertained is crucial for taking care of your mental health. To preserve balance, you should combine physical and mental exercise with pleasure - take care of yourself, try to keep growing but don’t forget to treat yourself once in a while.

We hope our tips will help you decide what you can do with all this time on your hands, or at least provide you with some inspiration to make your quarantine experience so much better!