Top 5 Hair Styling Tips For Curly Hair

Everyone adores the sight of gorgeous natural curls that look bold, unapologetic, and simply fabulous.  But if you have curly hair, the chances are that your opinion may vary. Reason? Well, curly hair can be quite tricky to manage. It is prone to become dry, dull, frizzy, and look lifeless. And don’t forget the additional hours of effort required to try any new hairstyle. 

But with the right set of hair care tips and products, you can add luster and moisture to your beautiful curls and help them stay frizz-free. Try these five hair styling tips for your locks for a lovely look. 

1. Bid Adieu To Your Hair Brush 

Combing with a hairbrush is one of the greatest enemies of curly hair. Curly hair typically tends to be fragile, dry, and dehydrated. Using a low-quality hairbrush with plastic bristles will wreak havoc on the hair strands and cuticles. The brushing could make the hair more frizzy, unruly, and worse of all, tangled in the brush.

Replace your hairbrush with a wide-toothed comb. Try wooden combs instead of plastic to reduce frizziness. Gently comb the hair to remove the knot and tangles. Start removing knots from the bottom and progress towards the roots. This way, you don’t create larger knots, untangling, which could cause breakage and hair fall.

Brush a few times to remove the knot, and do not apply too much force while combing. These wooden combs can do wonders to make your hair more manageable and strengthen your cuticles. Alternatively, you can explore high-quality professional tools and hairbrushes such as Veaudry that are amazing for curly hair. 

2. Nothing Works Better Than Deep Conditioning

The secret to playing around with some exciting hairdos in curly hair is to improve moisture. Curly hair is always thirsty for hydration and moisture. Upon regular conditioning, they can significantly improve the texture, health, and shine of the hair. It will also make it relatively manageable. 

Try a deep conditioning treatment at least once every week. It helps to tame the frizzy locks and make them look more charming and gorgeous. Deep conditioning is an absolute necessity for those with color-treated hair. Explore deep conditioning products meant for curly hair. The reason behind scoping for specialized products is to ensure you get the necessary hydration and nourishment. 

Look for ingredients like avocado oil, olive oil, castor oil, milk proteins. They can quench your curls and add luster and nourishment to the strands. You can also prepare hair masks at home using ingredients like avocado, curd, coconut milk, and honey. Leave the hair mask for roughly 30 minutes and wash off with mild shampoo to enjoy effortlessly beautiful curls.  

3. Avoid Heat Styling 

We all love to flaunt some fun new hairstyles for every party, and heat styling is a simple way to achieve that. But the excess heat can leave your curls looking more dry, dehydrated, and damaged. It can remove the natural texture from the hair strands and leave them looking odd and unruly. 

Avoid blowing drying hair and try to air dry as much as possible. You can use foam rollers or twists to dry hair naturally. 

If you have to use some heat styling, then don’t forget to apply heat protection serum or spray, especially to the ends, to avoid excess damage. Slather some anti-frizz serum as well before styling for an added layer of protection. 

Switch to a diffuser to operate with moderate heat that is more gentle on the strands. Keep the dryer away from your scalp, or you will scare away necessary natural oils near the cuticles. 

4. Prepare Your Very Own Cocktail 

Finding one right product for curly hair can be quite challenging. That one product that controls frizz, adds shine, retains moisture, and leaves defined curls is so far from reality.  The best solution to cope with the problem is to create your very own cocktail of hair care products that best prepares your hair for styling. 

Add nourishing oils to your styling products such as mousse, soothing cream, or hair serum. While the product prepares your hair to look perfect, the oil can retain the optimum moisture, especially near the cuticles, to reduce damage. It keeps your hair from looking crunchy, stiff, or dry. 

Also, be careful to utilize the right techniques while applying these products to coat each strand. Start by dividing your hair into small sections and coat each part thoroughly. It helps to cover the curls completely, making them look defined and elegant. 

5. Try Styles That Embrace The Locks

Opt for hairstyles that embrace the gorgeous curls without requiring a ton of styling tools or products. These styles can create an effortless party look without damaging your hair. Make sure to braid your hair before going to bed to reduce frizz and enhance the curls. You can opt for convenient styles like messy buns and half-updo.


Gentle hair care is the trick to exploring gorgeous hairstyles with curly hair.  The right balance of moisture, nutrients, and hair care steps can help you enjoy the beauty of loose curls framing your face elegantly. Use these simple tips from above to parade around your gorgeous hair locks.