Three Ways To Make Your Home Work Space Feel More Personal

When we all started to work from home, it’s fair to say that we probably did not put a lot of thought into setting up a proper, organised, healthy work space. There was so much going on, so many decisions to make, so many stressful news updates day in, day out, that to be honest we were lucky if we set up a home work station at all. However, after all these months, we are all a little more reconciled to the fact that this is the normal way of doing things for the foreseeable future, and that we can’t work from the sofa if we don’t want to do irreparable damage to our spines.


As we make our way through this new lockdown and face the dreariness of January, you need to make sure that your workspace, is bright, cheery, well-organised, and that it speaks to you. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.


Keep It Bright!

No one wants to be sitting working through dark winter days in a dimly lit space. If you’re struggling to get any natural light in there, think about investing in a mood lamp to keep your morale boosted. But it’s not just about making sure you have the right bulbs or that you are seated by the biggest window in your flat. Plants have a tremendous impact on mood, and they can help turn a dreary desk into something cheery and personal. It can be a tiny cactus or a huge bunch of flowers, whatever makes you feel like your day is a little bit brighter!


Get Those Pictures Up!
A workspace without artwork or photos is a workspace that is completely anonymous. If you haven’t got some inspiring images up, then you may as well be hot desking! Whether it’s a print of your favourite painting, a nature scene from that holiday destination that always centres you, or photos of your friends and family, you need to make sure that you can glance away from your screen and feel motivated, transported and loved. If you’re not sure how to find the right frame for your favourite pictures, Picframes have a handy measuring guide for a range of different styles and offer free delivery if you order two or more frames!


Make Sure You Can See Your Goals!

When you’re working from home, it’s not always easy to keep track of things. Papers become drink mats, files are used to prop up that wobbly corner of your keyboard, and, well, let’s not even get into how many files you have saved on your desktop. An organised workspace is so important to both productivity and mood, so why not think about investing in a board or grid to hang on your wall to keep track of your progress through your to-do list? That way you will be able to visualise your goals and enjoy the satisfaction of taking down everything that you get done. It’s also a great place for small pictures or motivational notes.