Struggling with razor bumps? How to get smooth underarms

Watching the women in shaving ads, you’d think that shaving your underarms is an absolute ball – just one swift motion and you have underarms as silky smooth as a baby’s bottom. Only problem is, that’s not always the case. Irritation from shaving and razor bumps are a common problem – but don’t let them stop you from living your best life. For all the tips and tricks for how to avoid razor bumps and how to get smooth underarms, read on.

Step-by-step guide for smooth underarms

Shaving seems like a pretty simple activity – shower, shave, and go. But there are a few steps to follow if you want a clean, smooth shave that doesn’t irritate your skin. From pre-shave scrub to post-shave deodorant application, here’s what to do to ensure smooth, razor-bump-free underarms. Using a deodorant with moisturising cream will help keep your skin feeling health and avoid dryness and rashes. 

Step 1: Use a pre-shave scrub

Using a pre-shave scrub is a great way to help get a clean shave. You’ll remove any bacteria and deodorant residue, plus will help avoid ingrown hairs which can create underarm bumps. 

Step 2: Use a lubricant when shaving

Your underarm skin is particularly sensitive, and so it’s important to use a moisturising shaving gel or cream when shaving rather than your body wash as soapy substances can dry out the area, leading to a painful shave. 

Step 3: Make sure your razor is clean

Using a clean, sharp razor is key to a clean and smooth shave. Having a dull blade will mean you’ll apply more pressure to get a close shave, which in turn can cause irritation. Plus, bacteria can build up on and between the blades, which can be harmful for your skin. Make sure you switch your razor every five to seven shaves to ensure your razor is clean and prevent a build-up of bacteria. 

Step 4: Get your technique right

When it comes to shaving, it’s tempting to shave against the natural direction of your hair to get a smoother shave, but this can actually increase irritation. Go with the grain for a smooth shave that doesn’t cause your skin to flare up.

Step 5: Post-shave TLC

Make sure to apply something soothing (look for a product with aloe vera in the ingredients) to your underarms after shaving to avoid redness and rashes. Your choice of deodorant will be important as well – it’s important to make sure you’re not using any products that will irritate your underarms. 

And that’s it! Just follow these simple steps for smooth, bump-free underarms. For more hair-removal tips, check out this article.