Opening Your Own Fashion Store: What Do You Need?

If you are opening a new store, then you will obviously have a lot to think about. One aspect of consideration you need to contemplate is what shop display equipment you need to purchase. This is highly important because it relates to the attractiveness of your store and thus consequently how many customers you gain. Along with display equipment, you should also use vintage fashion poster to create that vibe in your vintage fashion store. Nevertheless, with so many things on your mind, it can be easy to overlook certain areas. Therefore, to ensure you don’t, take a look below at your very own online checklist of all the display equipment needed for retail store success.


The first thing that anyone notices when they are outside of a store is the shop’s display mannequins. It is not only the clothes you choose to adorn your mannequins with which is important but also the style of mannequin you select as well. There are lots of choices at your disposal, nevertheless, at present, it is popular to opt for a gloss mannequin as this has a luxurious finish to it. If you are looking for high-quality and stylish mannequins, consider Fusion Specialties, a leading manufacturer that offers a range of glossy mannequins in various styles and poses. Moreover, most shops don’t tend to bother with buying wigs anymore. So, instead of buying a budget mannequin and a wig, upgrade to a glossy option.

Upgraded payment solutions

Once you’ve decided to inaugurate your fashion store, you need to make sure that your customers can make seamless checkouts and payments.

This means that you would need to bring in both online and offline payment options to your store so that your customers can pay according to their convenience.

With offline payments, it would be best to make sure that whichever cash counter you use, has the ability to count and sort the bills according to their denominations. You can see products here and find the one that suits your needs the best.


One the most important shop display equipment pieces; display merchandisers give you the license to be creative and show off your goods as effectively and stylishly as possible. There is a diverse selection of exciting merchandisers available and so you should have a good search before deciding which options to go for. For instance, there are modern display cubes to showcase shoes, or acrylic flower blocks to display gifts and jewellery. A final point worth noting is that you should make a list of all of your items which will require some form of merchandising shelves or stands, for instance, sunglasses can only really be displayed via a stand.

Ticket stands and cardholders

These are essential for advertisements throughout your fashion store. For instance, if you have a sale on and there is 20% off of all shoes then you can put a display card next to the shoe section rather than having to go and change all of the prices on the shoes. Moreover, cardholders and stands are a great way to advertise an additional service you provide, showcase your website address or promote an event you have coming up.

Season displays

It is recommended that every time a new season approaches, you change the image of your store. After all, a bright yellow colour scheme doesn’t look too good during the winter period. There are lots of different added touches you can add, such as beautiful pastel flowers during the spring, or display snow during the winter.

Freestanding display frames

Freestanding display frames work perfectly outside of your store in order to attract those who pass by so that they enter. You can fill the frame with an announcement of the sale you have going on in-store, or you could promote the arrival of new stock, and alike. You can display flowers alongside to create a beautiful display. You can easily send flowers to your store online today, so this is easy to arrange. Remember to ensure that the poster placed inside is eye-catching, straight to the point and effective. After all, you are trying to attract people that are on the move.

All in all, if you consider all the points mentioned in the checklist then you should be equipped to showcase your store and have it looking fabulous.