Online Dating Security for Dummies

Online Dating Security for Dummies

Love at first swipe! Or is it? Online dating has taken the world by storm, to put it mildly. Our increasing reliance on the internet means that there’s an app for everything these days – and it’s no different when it comes to love, dating, or just a hookup. It doesn’t matter what you use dating apps for – we’re not here to judge. What we are here for, however, is to give you some top tips on how to use online dating apps and platforms safely and securely. Just as you’ve learnt what to look out for over the years when it comes to traditional dating, you need to keep making a point of dating online in a secure manner. Being proactive in this regard means that you can keep the tears away, as well as keep yourself safe from other dangers associated with online dating.

What we’re trying to say is that there’s a dark side of online dating, as there is a dark side to everything. Even so, this isn’t stopping people from getting online and meeting the partner of their dreams or getting a hot date for the holidays. We want dating to be fun, and to do this, you need to make yourself aware of the dark side of online dating, know what to be on the lookout for and how to protect yourself from getting hurt – emotionally, physically, and digitally.


Look out for Fake Profiles

Look at where we are today. When we were little, we were always told by parents not to talk to strangers. And yet, today, we’re connecting with strangers all the time – we’re even actively, voluntarily getting into a car with strangers who we hail through an app on our phone. No matter who the stranger you’re chatting to online is, there’s always a thought at the back of your mind about whether the person is “real” or not. And by real, we mean that they’re really who they say they are. Although, there’s also a probability that the person you’re chatting to on a dating app is not real in the slightest. They could easily be a bot. One of the simplest ways to check up on whether the individual on the other end is real is to look them up on Facebook. The truth is, very few people today – especially those who use dating apps – don’t have an online presence. Get to know the basic details about them and look them up on Facebook by typing in the relevant information – their name and last name, the city in which they’re based, and their occupation. Alternatively, use Google and do the same. This would likely pull up a link to their LinkedIn profile and give you peace of mind.


Red Flags – Trust Your Instincts

Learn to trust your gut! Sometimes, your instincts are wrong and you realize that you were anxious over nothing, but it’s always good to double check and make sure than blindly ignore your gut and get hurt in the end. Trusting your gut and staying aware helps you to spot red flags more quickly. If you feel like something’s not right about your online date, or that they’re acting suspiciously by avoiding important questions or can’t take calls at certain times, do a quick check. Look them up on Nuwber. You could find out if they’re married and are cheating on their spouse, or even if they’ve got a criminal record. This could definitely keep you out of proverbial hot water.


Video Chatting Is the Way Forward

Once you’ve hit it off over text and you’re thinking of taking your online dating relationship to the next level, get to know your date better with a video call! This is fun, and can also lead to a saucier level of online dating if you’re comfortable with that. What a video call also does for you in terms of online dating security is that it reduces your risk of being catfished. You’ll be able to tell if the person matches their profile photo, but it also allows you to read their body language and facial cues. This can develop your relationship with them and also makes it more possible to tell if something’s fishy. Remember those red flags?


Keep Personal Info to Yourself

Of course, sharing and trust is the foundation to any good relationship, but this doesn’t mean you have to share all your personal information up front. Share the basics about yourself, but don’t let your online date know about the places you frequent, where you live, and other sensitive personal information like your birth date and so on. This can come later, when you’re more comfortable with each other and you know that they’re really who they say they are.


Use the Dating App Platform to Chat

Until you’re sure about your online date, chat exclusively on your dating app’s messaging platform. Chatting on the app allows you to develop a basic level of trust before moving on to getting each other’s phone numbers and allowing the other individual to have access to you off-platform. You’ll also be able to gauge their level of patience, this way.


Meet in Public the First Date

When you’re ready to meet the potential love of your life IRL for the first time, make sure to meet up in public! Avoid the temptation to go somewhere private if it’s the first time you’re meeting the person. On your first date, you need to be comfortable. If things go wrong and you find out your date is a creep, having other people around is a huge benefit. Also, make sure to let a family member or a close friend know where you’ll be, should things go awry.