My Rice Cooker Isn't Fancy, but It's Perfect!

If there's anything essential for me, preparing perfect meals for my family must be in the first place. There's no better feeling than seeing my loved ones satisfied after every meal I prepare for them in my modest kitchen. 

What's my secret? 

My biggest secret is that there's no secret at all. Everything I do in the kitchen includes a lot of love and attention to detail, but with the help of something as simple as the rice cooker. 

Yes, you've got that right. I cook my rice in a rice cooker, and it's perfect every time. It might not be a fancy appliance sitting on my countertop in the kitchen, but it's perfect for any day use and cooking rice to perfection. So it is better to check out the latest rice cooker reviews before buying it.

That inspired me to share with you my list of reasons why a rice cooker is a far better choice than cooking in a pot. 

Here are a few main reasons to make you buy one for yourself.

Some think rice cookers are overrated and unnecessary and others can’t live without one. They come in different sizes and within different price ranges. They are either easy to handle with single buttons or they are computerized machines. Some will just cook rice and others are multi-functional. Professional chefs at Culinary Ambition have made a clear overview of available rice cookers and their features.

Perfect Rice Every Time

As mentioned above, a rice cooker will cook the rice perfectly every time you use it. Rice cookers have programs for different types of rice and grains. A lab tested small rice cooker works with consistency and accuracy every time. 

Either you choose between brown, basmati, Arborio, etc., your rice will be perfect every time. A rice cooker uses sensors for knowing when the time is right to stop. If you're making multiple dishes at the same time, an automated cooker can come in pretty useful. 

When you don't think about the timing you need to take out your rice, you can focus on other things you're preparing. The only thing you should keep in mind is stirring the rice a couple of times and preventing it from sticking to the bottom. 

You can rest assured that the rice cooker will do the rest for you.

Keeping the Rice Warm

Rice cookers have the option for keeping your rice warm if you're still waiting for other dishes to get ready. It will maintain the exact temperature it needs until you're ready to serve it on the table. 

That's another way of keeping your mind focused on other complex dishes you might prepare next to the rice. 

Automatization made our life easier with so many things, and now it helps us with the simple thing of cooking rice. The rice cooker keeps the rice warm and allows you to cook it ahead of time without worrying if it will affect the quality. 

They're Not Only for Rice

You can use your rice cooker for preparing other stuff besides rice. If you use your skill and imagination, you can use it for cooking things like steamed veggies, steamed fish, oatmeal, polenta, and some soups. 

If you're still inexperienced with this type of cooking, you should stick to using it only for rice until you get comfortable with using it for other stuff. When you master those skills, your rice cooker will be handy in many different situations. 

That's one more reason why you'll fall in love with it as time passes by. Watch some YouTube videos and find out how some of the best Chefs use rice cookers to make their work easier and faster. 

Easy to Use

I might get you thinking that using a rice cooker is not so easy. If that's the case, then you should know that it's quite the opposite. Using it couldn't be more simple than it is. 

On every rice cooker, there are programmed buttons for different settings. Reading the instructions a few times will be more than enough for learning how to use all the options available. 

Even those with no experience in the kitchen will find it easy to learn and will be ready to start preparing the meals for themselves. 

After using it, another thing easy to do is cleaning it. Most rice cookers have components that are easy to clean, and some even safe for dishwashers. 

Energy Efficiency

Average rice cookers use around 400 W of power. The amount of time you'll be using it, your electrical bill will not get higher than you might expect. 

If you're all about conserving the energy for helping to preserve the environment, a rice cooker will not make you feel guilty each time you use it. 

You might even say you will save energy because it takes more power when using a stove compared to a rice cooker. 


Here are the main points that I've learned over the years using the rice cooker while preparing my meals. I hope it will bring you an insight into how such a simple appliance can change the way you cook forever. 

Try out for yourself, and I promise you, there will be no going back to cooking in a pot on the stove once again.