Ideal jobs for military spouses

Everyone benefits from the sacrifices made by the members of the military for keeping us safe. But the sacrifices made by the family members of military personnel are less noticed. Childcare and frequent re-location makes it tougher to find rewarding and steady employment for these family members. Some of them already have the requisite skills to begin a new career while others need additional education for building the tools required for success. There are several alternatives available for military spouses in terms of employment and in the long run they have to find something suitable to their situation. Here are some ideas.


Massage therapist


You can contribute to the health of your community by becoming a massage therapist. These massage therapists may help the retired and active members working in services that are suffering from nagging injuries. A career in the field of massage therapy normally begins with attaining training in the field. It is also a terrific portable career. You can find many massage therapy clinics and practices all over the country. As the massage therapist skills are easily transferable between people there is little need to train again after moving to a new facility. 


Several therapists also run their practices, work from home, and also make house calls to provide their service. When you have a portable and independent business it means the only thing you are required to rebuild after the relocation is the local clientele.


Pharmacy technician


Almost everyone needs medicine at some point in time during their lives. Pharmacy technicians are responsible for providing this medicine in a timely way. If you are contemplating the thought of going to a school offering a pharmacy technician course, you are on the right track for a career in the field. Why is it a great fit for military spouses? The reason is that most military bases have an onsite pharmacy which has to be staffed properly by using qualified individuals. Have a look around the new town and you will see several retail pharmacies around many street corners. 


There is plenty of work available for qualified pharmacy technicians. You can attain the qualification through online Job Training Courses by using the MyCAA programs for getting funds. Several courses have affiliations with renowned universities.


Virtual assistant


When you are looking to work on your terms by catering to a range of clients, virtual assistance can be a great help to you. You can perform research as a virtual assistant, update your websites, keep a social media page, and perform other miscellaneous tasks that entrepreneurs need. It is possible to find work on your own or you may get hired via virtual assistance platforms that specialize in hiring people. The reason why this is a great fit for military spouses is that when you have a computer with an internet connection it is possible to work from virtually anywhere. It is also possible to have your schedule for the work.


Professional photography


Many people love taking photos. If you are one of such military spouses why not consider a career in photography? All you are going to need is a reliable digital camera and get some fundamental knowledge of using the instrument. If you are looking to get professional training you can easily take classes at the local community colleges or take Job Training Courses online. 


All military families need a high-quality photographer at hand for the occasions of birthdays, homecomings, weddings, and other similar large events. The reason this line is suitable for military spouses is that there is no need for big equipment to get going. What little equipment is required is lightweight and it is a simple PCS wherever you travel.




Portable careers are available for military spouses all over the country. You need to know the best ways of using your talents in an area of interest that is suitable for you. You will find that many of the active-duty military spouses qualify for the MyCAA funding to be able to get back to school. MyCAA provides up to $4000 in financial assistance for military spouses for getting licenses, certifications, and degrees for portable careers. There is also the possibility of reimbursement for the re-certifications that may be needed to find suitable employment.