How You Can Use Sex Toys to Increase Intimacy

Photo by Bedbible

The popularity of sex toys has significantly increased over the last few decades as more people reach to make use of technology to increase intimacy. Initially, sex toys weren’t as common with the topic, even eliciting a taboo reaction in society.

Luckily, more people are now aware of the benefits of using sex toys, including enhancing sexual enjoyment. Moreover, there has been a tremendous improvement in how adult sex toys are made. Today, most adult stores are selling dildos that look very realistic. 

And contrary to popular opinion, sex toys are not for lonely singles; many couples enjoy using them too. The sex toys’ innovative design induces unique dynamism to your sex life, allowing you (and your partner) to explore new and exciting ‘grounds.’

So, how can using sex toys increase intimacy?

Supplementing Penetrative Sex.

About 75 percent of all women can’t have an orgasm from penetrative sex alone. And while this might sound alarming, it isn’t a defect in any way and doesn’t mean there’s something wrong. You’re just a part of the larger majority that needs a little more foreplay, after play, or a vibrator to get things fired up. Using an adult sex toy during foreplay stimulates your clitoris’ nerve endings, causes it to become erect during arousal. 

When aroused, the erect clitoris is rubbed by your partner’s penis during penetration to enable orgasm. But there’s more. If you find it hard to orgasm even after using a sex toy during foreplay, use it during penetration. Combined penetration and clitoral stimulation broods more sexual enjoyment and helps you orgasm. And if your man feels pressured to perform, introducing a sex toy in the bedroom can take the pressure off and allow both of you to relax and enjoy the experience more. 

Note: Sometimes, you enjoy sex, but the orgasm doesn’t seem to come. If your partner is done with sex and you haven’t, let them use the sex toy and satisfy you with full enthusiasm. As long as they’re not asleep, getting you to their level shouldn’t be a problem. 

Learning Experience.

Adult sex toys allow you to learn and understand you or your partner’s body better. With the right sex toy, you can understand what form of pleasure excites you, what angles of penetration induce maximum pleasure, and most importantly, the limits. There's also classes like School Of Squirt, so you can learn simply from videos, that you can transfer into skills in the bedroom. 

As a result, you can enjoy sex more, being fully aware of what turns you on and what turns your partner on. Whether you’re playing solo or with your partner, using a sex toy provides useful insight to increase intimacy. 

And that’s it! Today, sex toys are available in great numbers during foreplay, after play, or intercourse. Of course, sex toys will never replace traditional lovemaking, but having one or two within your arms reach makes a significant difference. It supplements penetrative sex and allows you to learn more about you and your partner’s body. An ideal sex toy enhances sexual enjoyment, making sure both partners are satisfied. If you need extra help there's always male edge who have always got your back.