Great Gifts for Bridesmaids

How do you thank your best girlfriends for sticking by you through the ups and downs of wedding planning? They are with you through the stress tears. They plan parties for you in celebration. These ladies need a great gift to let them know how thankful you are to have them by your side.

Gifts of Relaxation

Being part of a wedding can be hectic even if you’re not the bride or groom. Attendants often must travel far from home to get to your venue. A childhood friend is thrown together with your sorority sisters. Some attendants have extra duties that they perform on your behalf. A gift of relaxation such as CBD gummies, essential oil diffuser or fluffy slippers lets them know how much you count on their tranquility amid the wedding storm.

Gifts of Service

Not everyone is in the same place financially as everyone else. For your bridesmaids who have yet to find a job or who are in graduate school, consider giving them the gift of a service that they might otherwise not be able to afford themselves. For example, giving a gift certificate to the local nail salon for a mani/pedi may help a bridesmaid who works for a non-profit fit in with your investment banker friends. Paying for everyone to get their hair and makeup done the day of the wedding ensures that everyone has equal access to feeling beautiful.

Gifts of Personalization

There are so many fun products that you can get personalized with your bridesmaids’ initials or names. Popular items include useful gifts like make-up bags or personalized water bottles in bulk. Or, consider egift cards which offers the gift of infinite possibilities, and you can even add a custom photo and message to the card brining a bespoke nature and sentiment that they will appreciate. Presenting these to your attendants before the wedding makes them especially useful the day of, as no one will get their supplies mixed up when you’re all getting ready in front of one mirror.

Gifts of Jewelry

If you have a favorite jeweler, it’s nice to choose something slightly different but in the same category for each bridesmaid. A simple jewel necklace featuring the birthstone of each girl is special. If you prefer something funkier, there are plenty of jewelry makers who create eclectic designs using sea glass, beads, ceramics, pressed flowers, wire and many, many other mediums. If you have time, it’s fun to shop with each specific bridesmaid in mind and choose something that really complements her personality. Lockets are also a sweet idea. You can put a tiny picture of the two of you on one side to help commemorate the special time you spent together.

Gifts of Liquor

Another way to personalize bridesmaids’ gifts is to choose a couple of nice bottles of wine for each lady. You can pretend you’re just taking a survey of what everyone likes for the reception, but in reality, you’re conducting research. Any decent liquor store can help you select some high-rated, mid-priced wine that suits the taste of each attendant. You can dress up the bottles but putting them in an attractive wine bottle carrier or gift bags. To make a really luxurious gift, pair the wine with two appropriate wine glasses.

Groomsmen aren’t the only ones who appreciate flasks. If your girls prefer hard liquor, there is nothing wrong with giving them a bejeweled or personalized flask with a bit of their favorite drink inside. Make it small enough to slip inside an evening bag, and your ladies will be singing your praises when Uncle Bob starts his 20-minute toast at the reception.

Gifts to Wear

It’s hard to give other people clothing especially if you don’t know their size or particular style. There are some clothing items that work well as bridesmaids’ gifts though. Sleepwear is a great choice because most people wear their jammies big for comfort. A cute shortie pj set or silk bathrobe are both fun and practical. Pashminas are excellent gifts because they come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics and are generally inexpensive. Consider giving a pashmina that the attendants can wear with their bridesmaids’ dresses at the reception.

The gifts you give to your bridesmaids should show how much they mean to you. They should reflect your appreciation of their participation on this incredibly special day.