Go Bold With Magnetic Lashes

Go Bold With Magnetic Lashes 

Getting ready for a night out on the town can be pretty tricky. You have to have all the elements right, otherwise, your look could potentially suffer. Be sure to incorporate that one memorable element into your makeup cannon that people can't put their finger on, which is magnetic lashes. Magnetic eyelashes not only complete a look but streamline the entire face in a cohesive manner that makes anyone stand out from the crowd. 

In 2014, beauty expert Katy Stoka created the first pair of magnetic eyelashes. With simplicity in mind, Stoka didn't exactly understand completely how the product she created would be what Allure magazine called "an innovation in beauty products." These lashes not only are simply to attach but completely remove the need for the glue that traditional false eyelashes require to attach.

Create a Streamlined Look 

Magnetic Eyelashes create a streamlined look that makes anyone wearing them look flawless around the eyes. You can effortlessly attach this product to the lid with an ease that is normally unheard of. Magnetic eyeliner is a requirement if you decide to go with magnetic lashes. Because it acts as an adhesive agent. Instead of tossing a pair of falsies in the trash after a long night, you can completely saturate a cotton ball with makeup remover and completely remove the eyeliner from your lid. You can use false magnetic lashes a number of times before you have to throw them away. 

Another great thing about magnetic eyelashes is the fact that you can have a bold look that looks effortless. While traditional eyelashes can seem somewhat overbearing on the face, somehow magnetic lashes enhance the face in all the right ways. Instead of using mascara, the lashes stand out on their own. There is no need to add on any excess mascara. 

They are Allergen-Free 

If you are someone that suffers from allergies, you probably are aware that is completely impossible to find the right mix of makeup. There is probably a lot of trial and error involved to find the perfect combination. With magnetic lashes, you don't have to worry about the flair up simply due to the fact that there is no need for lash glue. Instead, the lash attaches to an all-natural product that doesn't seep deep into your lash follicle. 

Eyelash extensions make everyone look great but they aren't necessarily affordable. Considering you have to pay a premium to attach and reattach them a few times a year, it can run up a beauty bill. Magnetic eyelashes not only are affordable and reusable but they have the same effect as eyelash extensions and a cost that is very affordable. You don't even have to use mascara to keep them looking good while in use. 

Considering false eyelashes do provide a bold look, you should get your money's worth and research manufacturers that offer a product that you really like. One magnetic eyelash company to note is Moxie Lash. The celebrity backing alone should be incentive enough to take the plunge and get the perfect pair of magnetic lashes. Learn what Paris Hilton refers to as a total game-changer in makeup. 

It is hard to switch things up especially if you are comfortable in a routine. But magnetic eyelashes are definitely worth your while due to all their beauty benefits. Instead of dealing with gunky glue that could potentially flare up your allergies, you can use a liner that acts as an adhesive. These lashes make just about anyone that wears them look extremely feminine and enhances their look in a way that is streamlined and cohesive. You definitely won't regret investing in a pair of magnetic lashes once you see that you no longer are in the background of any picture but stand out.