Fun Things to Do as a Couple to Start off the New Decade

No one was prepared for 2020. Starting late in 2019, the Coronavirus pandemic was the only thing on everyone’s minds as they fought bravely through the last year of the decade. With the lockdowns and quarantines and general shut down all over the world, we didn’t see or do much the previous twelve months. 

Instead of business as usual in 2021, ring in the new year with some fun activities and experiences to wash off the dust from 2020. It’ll give your new year a refreshing start, and it’s better than scrolling aimlessly through social media. If you do decide to go out and travel, remember to wear your masks, wash your hands, and use sanitizer! 

Board Game Nights 

Board games are one of the most underrated ways to spend your time. While we’re sure you’ve played board games at home sometimes, try making it a group event! If you have enough people in your bubble to come over, then make it a weekly or monthly hangout. If you don’t have people in your bubble to play with, don’t be worried. You can always play online over a video call. 

This way, you can even play with people across the country or on different continents as well. Choose universally popular board games and ask your friends to match boards as everyone plays along. This can be a great bonding experience as a couple too. 

Couples Card Games

If you’re in a relationship and want to enhance your bond with your partner, then try out Couples Card Games. These are specially crafted card games that promote communication between the two of you. This could be great for first-time couples or even married ones too. You can choose from many different types of card games, ranging from classic to new and innovative concepts like Ogelyno. The best part is that as you play this couples card game, you get to learn more about your partner and create an even stronger bond. These don't just have fun activities but also encourage discussion within the couple. Talk about things that happened during the day, share stories, or just play for the sake of it; either way, it is sure to be an enjoyable time spent together!

Psychic Readings

Whether you believe in psychics or not, going to a psychic reading is an experience you shouldn’t miss. Psychics can provide some eerily accurate insight into your relationship and love life. You can choose from a variety of psychic readers, from tarot readers, palm readers, crystal ball gazers, and more! 

You can even consult expert love psychics who specialize in readings about love and relationships only. When looking for psychic readers online, make sure you choose to spend your money at a reputable website. Your reader should have multiple reviews about their work from satisfied clients.

Photoshoot Walks 

Spending so much time indoors can be detrimental to your physical and mental health. If you have access to open space, you should take your partner along for a walk in fresh air every day. Going for a walk in nature can get tedious, though. To spice it up, choose a vacation destination and try and recreate pictures from there when you go out! 

You can carry props, you can both dress up for these photoshoots, and it can end up blowing up on Instagram too. Instead of daily, you can do this weekly if you’re pressed for time. You can even turn it into a comedy sketch that you and your partner produce together as a couple! 

Imitation Feast Nights 

With so many bars and restaurants closed because of the pandemic, you must be missing your favorite takeout! Instead of moping over our misfortune, you can turn that frown upside down. List down all the foods you’re missing and choose three to recreate. You and your partner can take turns doing the cooking, or you can struggle through this together. 

You don’t even have to limit yourself to your local area. If there is anything you’ve ever drooled over on Instagram, you should take this opportunity to help yourself to some deliciousness. Not only will you have fun while making the food, but you might also make some memories to last a lifetime! 

Learn to Dance Together 

With in-person classes shut down because of the virus, online courses are booming. And if you’re shy, then online classes are a lifesaver right now. Take the opportunity to do something you usually wouldn’t with online dance classes. Being stuck inside the house isn’t being kind of anyone’s diet and exercise regime. 

So get back in the groove with some fun dance classes instead of the boring gym. Research has shown that couples who work out together stay together. Dancing is also great for improving your mood. Strike two birds with one stone and sign up for those classes. 

Whatever you decide to do as a couple, nothing is more important than doing it together. In long term relationships, you often forget to have fun, and you forget that you’re dating. You start to behave more like housemates, which can spell doom for a romantic relationship. So remember to keep the spark alive and spend time with each other. Whether you do weekly date nights or travel or take classes, doing activities together will strengthen the bond you have.