Choosing Everyday Reading Glasses

Choosing Everyday Reading Glasses


Everyday reading glasses are a hard thing to choose. There is a constant battle between style and practicality. Do you go for glasses with a look that says something about who you are? Or do you keep it super simple and choose something less eye catching but infinitely more forgiving if you were to fall asleep wearing them? 


Whenever we choose glasses, we can break the process down into lenses, frames, and colors. Without further ado, let’s look at some answers to the puzzle of choosing everyday reading glasses.  


Transitional Lenses


Transitional lenses are the ideal everyday lens (check out a selection of transition glasses at Why are transitional lenses ideal for everyday use? Because they adapt to lighting levels without you having to reach for your sunglasses. That’s more useful than you could ever imagine if you are not currently using these adaptive time savers. 


Transitional lenses are activated by UV light from the sun. In the presence of sunlight, they adapt to filter the light (i.e., they get darker). But once the sunshine is no longer an issue, the glasses return to their original state, allowing you to see clearly.


The value of transitional lenses is felt when driving through traffic with high rise buildings on either side, variously blocking and revealing the sun. Sit at a window desk at work? No problem. Wearing the glasses after work to meet friends? That’s fine, too. All bases are covered in one smart pair of reactive lenses that can sense light levels. 


Frame Type 


Choosing a frame type to match your face shape and show off your personality is all part of the pleasures of being a glasses wearer. As children, we can often feel that being told we need glasses is some sort of cruel punishment. Perhaps our friends don’t wear glasses or perhaps no one in our family wears glasses. The news can be difficult information to absorb. 


However, as adults, we know that glasses frames can be an integral part of our wardrobe. Many of us delight in choosing different styles for different occasions. For example, something with a thicker and more noticeable frame is definitely suited to party vibes, whereas slimline business-like frames can help us look the part around the office.


Think about your workspace and the general atmosphere. If you work around children or with families, thicker fun frames that would normally be reserved for parties are fine. But err on the side of caution when choosing everyday glasses for the office - thick to lighter frames in gray or black for easy results that go with all work attire.  


Frame Color  


Just like frame thickness can play a huge part in helping us to show elements of our personality, so can color. This is quite obvious so we’ll keep the advice brief. Avoid standout colors unless you want to stand out. Red, orange, yellow, and blue are all great colors to accentuate your personality. But if you don’t feel like the colors match your sensibility, go for something more muted.