Can’t Find A Job You Enjoy?


Can’t seem to find a job that satisfies you? You’re not alone. Many of us go through life hopping from one disastrous job to another. Sometimes it’s the company that’s the problem - perhaps the management is terrible or the colleagues are unbearable. In other cases, it’s the job itself that is unrewarding. 

Whatever the reason may be for not finding the right job, it’s important that you find a way to break the cycle before the cycle breaks you. There is a job out there suited to you - you just haven’t found it yet. Every job has its hardships, but you shouldn’t dread getting up in the morning or feel that you’re wasting your potential. By working out what makes you happy, you can find a job that satisfies you. Below are just some just some of the ways to find a job that you enjoy. 

Consider your interests

Start by considering something that you enjoy doing or have a deep interest in. This could be travel, animals, music, sports, cooking or something else. Narrow down a few things that you are interested in and then consider the type of jobs that cater to these interests.

It could be worth doing some online research - there may be jobs you’ve never heard of that accommodate your interests. For instance, if you love fashion, there could be hundreds of jobs out there beyond being a fashion designer or model (a few examples of alternative roles include professional closet organisers, fabric librarians, fashion writers and fashion PR agents). 

Consider your personality

Your personality also plays a big part when finding the perfect job. Let’s imagine that you love driving - there are so many different driving jobs that cater to different personalities. You may prefer to work for a company or you may prefer to be your own boss and find work independently. You may prefer to work alone in a delivery job or you may prefer to constantly be talking to people either as a taxi driver or a private tour guide. 

A personality test may be able to help you work out suitable careers. You’ll find that there are jobs out there suited to all types of personality.

Build relevant skills

Once you’ve worked out your dream jobs, consider what skills may be necessary to get into these occupations. Many popular jobs do require developing some forms of skill set or obtaining some form of qualification. Work out which skills and qualifications are the most easy to build.

If you’ve already got skills or qualifications, consider how these may be able to fit in with your dream careers. Ideally you want to be able to put these skills and qualifications to use, however you should only do this if it’s a job that you’re likely to enjoy. 

Develop your USP

Your USP (unique selling proposition) is the thing that makes you unique. Everyone has something unique about them that appeals to someone else. You should consider how you can use this to find a job that you enjoy. You may want to ask your friends and family what they see in you that is unique - figuring it out oneself isn’t always easy.