Can Cannabis Help You Feel Better Perimenopause?

Can Cannabis Help You Feel Better Perimenopause?

Menopause is a stage that all women above the age of 45 have to through, and since we cannot avoid it, the only thing you can do is find ways to manage it. As you grow older, you experience various changes. One of them is perimenopause, which is the early phase of menopause.

It happens when your body begins to show certain changes, such as reduced production of estrogen.

Perimenopause symptoms to watch out for include:

  •         Mood swings
  •         Hot flashes
  •         Sleep disorders
  •         Pain
  •         Low libido
  •         Weight gain
  •         fatigue
  •         Osteoporosis

If you are at the perimenopause phase, do not worry because CBD can help you manage the symptoms and make your life more comfortable.

But can CBD help perimenopause women? Yes, cannabidiol helps perimenopausal women by assisting them in managing their symptoms. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system in your body to maintain your body in a state of balance.

Although more research and clinical trial on CBD is necessary, studies show that your ECS and estrogen levels in your body are linked. Therefore, when estrogen levels in your body go down, the ECS levels also drop, and vice versa. Thus, the introduction of CBD in your body helps in restoring estrogen levels.

A survey conducted shows that more and more women are using cannabidiol to manage menopause symptoms. Another one reveals that one out of four female veterans has used cannabis to treat signs of menopause.

Now that you know that CBD is good for perimenopause, you may wonder how to use CBD, but don’t worry because we’ve all the information you need. Cannabidiol is available in the market in the form of:

  •         Pills
  •         Oil
  •         Oral drops
  •         Dry flower
  •         Transdermal patches
  •         Vape
  •         Edibles

There are various modes of consumption, but the catch is some methods take effect instantly, while others take about two to three hours before you can be relieved of your symptoms.

Therefore, if you want instant relief, you can either vape, smoke, or use transdermal patches. But if you want the effects of CBD to kick much later, you can infuse it with your food or drinks, make edibles such as gummies, and pills.

Next, you need to know when to take CBD? The best time to take CBD products is early in the morning so that you can start your day on a good note. It would help if you also took it in the evening to calm your body and help with sleep problems.

Before we look at how CBD and perimenopause works, let us first learn more from the CBD syrup review. The review provides all the CBD health benefits and how it works on your body.

How Does CBD Oil Work on Perimenopause Symptoms

Cannabidiol and perimenopause is the ideal combination for women above the age of 45 as it helps manage the following symptoms:

Hot flashes

Our bodies produce a cannabinoid known as anandamide, and it is almost similar to THC. Anandamide helps our bodies in regulating the temperature. However, when you exercise, especially if you are in your perimenopause phase, it goes into overdrive, thus the hot flashes. And since THC is the same, CBD product consumption with a THC percentage can help cool your body, therefore, easing the hot flashes. If you want something with higher levels of THC, you could use a delta 8 product. Delta 8 THC is less potent when compared to marijuana, as it is delta 9 THC that is present in marijuana.

Mood swings

Estrogen helps in stabilizing your mood and emotional responses to situations. Therefore when the levels are destabilized, you are bound to suffer from mood swings.

But don’t worry because CBD and THC can help your body increase estrogen production, thus allowing you to fight mood swings, anxiety, and depression, which are most prevalent among perimenopausal women.

Weight gain

People lose weight because of many reasons, especially during menopause. Although THC is known for kicking our appetites up a notch, other cannabinoids, such as CBD, make it easy for you to lose weight as it boosts your metabolism, thus burning more fats.


Estrogen helps in maintaining healthy bone density. Although people have been seen to take calcium supplements to increase bone strength, They are useless if your body is not using them due to low estrogen levels.

Therefore, take CBD to improve estrogen levels, ensuring that your supplements are being used by your body to make your bones strong.

Low sex drive

Women in their menopause are known to have low libido due to the changes in their bodies. Some experience pain during intercourse due to a lack of lubrication. There are many CBD products in the market meant to help women deal with their sex issues.

You can apply CBD cream to your vagina to improve lubrication. It also improves blood flow, thus making it easy for self-lubrication and making sex enjoyable.

Sleep problems

Due to the body changes, women in the perimenopause stage have trouble sleeping or staying asleep till morning. When combined with THC, cannabidiol is known to induce a feeling of relaxation, and its sedating effect helps get a restful sleep.


As we’ve seen, CBD and perimenopause work perfectly to alleviate the symptoms, but like any other medication, please talk to your doctor before using.

Have you ever used CBD for perimenopause? What was your experience? Please share how felt and any question you may have in the comment section.

Authors Bio: Rachel H. recommends the use of hemp-derived products as they have high CBD content as it has a sedating effecting effect that is ideal for people suffering from sleep disorders and anxiety. She is sure that the euphoric feeling brought about by cannabis can counteract mood swings and irritability.