Built to Impress: 8 Features of a High-End Kitchen

Built to Impress: 8 Features of a High-End Kitchen

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If you’re building a new house or finally decided to remodel, upgrading to a high-end kitchen is the cherry on top of the dream home you’ve always wanted. To get a spacious kitchen that has all the high-end features you want, hire the right contractor that will work hard to translate all of your ideas and dreams into a real-life luxury kitchen.

First Step: Find a High-Quality Contractor

When you’re looking for excellent kitchen remodeling contractors, a great place to start is a simple web search for one local to your area. Find one that has an excellent BBB rating and customer reviews. A high-quality contractor will listen to your ideas and use them to transform your kitchen into a work of art. If you want some inspiration, here are eight high-end features to make your kitchen state-of-the-art.

8 Features You Need to Create a Top-End Kitchen

From marble countertops to a chef-quality range and even a warming drawer, kitchen trends in 2021 lean towards a modern and contemporary look that utilizes every inch of space and boasts exotic wood cabinets with a rich exterior finish.

  1. Marble, granite, or quartz countertops

For food preparation areas, the best surface to use can be easily cleaned and is non-porous, like stone. Ask for marble or quartz incorporated with colorful design elements that will turn your counters into a work of art. Check out this article for the advantages of quartz countertops

  1. Innovative storage space

Utilize every inch of space available by using creative storage techniques. Install pull-out units for appliances like a microwave or coffeemaker, and use drawers, dividers, and inserts to maximize storage space.

  1. Chef-quality range

A superior, chef-quality range is the main feature of your kitchen. It can cook food quicker than a traditional oven and gives your kitchen a professional, polished look. Look for one with a built-in sous vide to create restaurant-quality flavor right at home.

  1. Hidden trash/compost bin

Nobody likes to smell food garbage, especially compost. With a hidden trash system in a custom-made cabinet, you can stow away all the bad odors and keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean.

  1. Walk-in larder

A custom-made, walk-in larder can be set for certain temperatures and is used to store food and wine while keeping it right there within arm’s reach. They add an exclusive touch to any kitchen!

  1. Exotic hardwood cabinets

One of the biggest trends this year is using exotic hardwood for cabinets. Ask your contractor which kind of stain will best complement your cabinets to give them a smooth exterior finish.

  1. Smart appliances

Smart appliances will turn your kitchen into a technological marvel. They increase the efficiency and ease of food prep and can help you balance your diet, go food shopping, or keep your coffee warm.

  1. Warming Drawers

A warming drawer is a necessity for those days when dinner gets put on hold. Look for a high-end version that moonlights as a slow cooker and can be used for bread proofing, too.

Build the Luxury Kitchen of Your Dreams

With all of those high-end features included, your new kitchen will be spacious, have an efficient layout, plenty of storage space, and smart appliances to make life more comfortable. The first step of creating the fantastic kitchen you want is hiring a quality contractor that will streamline the process and give you a beautiful, luxurious kitchen perfect for cooking comfort food or even hosting dinner parties, too.