A Unique Way to Receive Roses

A Unique Way to Receive Roses

Everyone loves roses, well, almost everyone. They are perfect for special moments and they create beautiful memories. There are always special events that deserve roses. Therefore, if you have a feeling that your significant other is planning something big for you, you might expect roses as well. When it comes to receiving roses, the truth is that there is no single approach to it. It all depends on the creativity of the giver. Someone might give a single rose stick for a special day, some others may give boxed roses, and go the extra mile to add some creativity to the giving process. But it's better to give preserved flowers as a gift because these are long-lasting flowers and always memorable. You can check its collection from here eternalblossom.co.uk.

  • Book Pressed Roses

Don’t be shocked if you open your favorite book and find roses on the page that connects to you the most. If you and your partner love reading and sharing thoughts on books, you may get this kind of surprise gift of roses. Receiving roses that have been carefully pressed in a book comes with a lot of meaning. It can come with unique messages that describe the thoughts and feelings behind the gift. The best part about receiving pressed roses is that you can be sure that your roses will continue to look beautiful even in years to come when they have dried out. What better way to make and keep memories than this?

  • Scavenger Rose Hunt 

If your partner is on the creative side, you may be in for some fun hunt. This breaks the traditional way of giving a rose bouquet by switching it into a search where your partner creates clues with roses. You may be surprised to walk into your home to find a note and petals of roses waiting for you. When you have this, get ready for some scavenger hunt because it can be a long night of search and fun. There is so much fun that you can look forward to when your partner decides to take you on a Scavenger rose hunt. This is undoubtedly one unique way to receive roses instead of the traditional bouquet.

  • The Roses and the Secret Message

When was the last time you used the tissues to dab some joyous tears? You might be in for some great moments with your partner. So, get your tissue box ready if your partner decides to gift you with roses and a secret message. The color of the roses will often tell what the gifts are all about. If your partner has hurt you, you may receive a bunch of yellow roses to show how sorry he is and if he’s trying to be naughty and romantic, get ready for some vivid red roses. Look out for the secret message too and don’t let it slip off because you won’t want someone else to read the strong and sexy message.

  • Scattered Roses

Well, if you are expecting roses from your partner, don’t just expect a bouquet. Roses don’t have to be placed in a vase or given in a bouquet. People are getting more creative and you can bet that your partner is abreast of the trendy ways of giving roses. You can also receive scattered rose petals on a table or the bed. 

  • Rose Crown

You are undoubtedly the queen of your partner’s heart, so don’t be surprised if you receive a gift of rose crown that demonstrates your true position in his heart.


There you have five unique ways to receive roses. So, the next time your partner gives you roses in any of these ways, don’t be overly surprised. It’s all about showing how important you are in his life.