8 Top hair trends we'll see in 2021

Finally, it is time to put the last traumatic 12 months behind us. Why not make a new beginning and head into 2021 with a new hairstyle? We’re all hoping this year will be different from the last, so it's time to leave your 2020 'do behind and embrace the new trendy hairstyles of 2021. 

Whether it is the chic hairstyle, trendy cut or new hair colour, there are lots of ideas you can flirt with. To help you add some glamour to your look, check out the stylish options listed below! 

1. The Side Fringe

The side-swept fringe is with no doubt one of the biggest hair style trends in 2021. This style draws attention to your eyes, highlighting your features. It is also the ideal style to cover a large forehead. Therefore, the side fringe is a definitely a trend you should try out in 2021!

2. The Mullet

Have you tried modern mullet yet? It is a razor-cut style with added length in the back and shorter framing in the front, giving you a perfect finish that fits both worlds. Miley Cyrus is the forefront rocker of this style and has always been. "For a grungy, lived-in finish be sure to use dry shampoo when styling your mullet," Says Justine Marjan, TRESemmé global stylist. 

3. Curly Bangs

The retro look is one of the most adaptable hairstyles. This is simply because a small tweak to an existing hairstyle can give a whole new look. The 70's trend works amazingly with wavy hair, and it enhances the shape of your natural curls. Curly bangs are always in style and will make a comeback in 2021 allowing you to rock any outfit with a striking look that steals the show.

The 2021 reinvention of curly bangs involves diffusing and blow drying your hair to style. This techniques respectively increase hair volume and adds texture to reveal soft and bouncy curls. This hairstyle is not only fun and flirty, but it also goes well with colourful and metallic eye shadow. It’s a moderate style that draws attention to your eyes.

4. Experimental Color

If you’re a fan of Billie Eilish’s unique style, why not try a new experimental hair color. Unusual shades like blues, pinks and minty greens give you a dramatic look that sets off your complexion. The trend for this year is to have these colors peeking out from under natural-coloured strands.

If you are looking for volume with a modern twist and slight brush of colour, try this style. If you love to wear braids, adding a strand of bright color adds a fun element to your look. 

5. The Shag

“The Shag” or super shaggy hair has gained popularity of late and is set to be a big thing in 2021. It is a simple, relaxed yet flirty style that can be combines with the mullet to give you that chic rocker vibe. You’ve probably already seen queens like Selena Gomez rocking this style.

6. A Fresh Start

It's a new year, and this is a great time to give your hairstyle a fresh start. One of the more extreme trends we’ll see this year is the completely shaved head. This may sound dramatic, but it is a fresh, hassle-free, and flirty look.

So, why not be daring like Halsey and go bare? After all, hair grows back, and it might give you more freedom to try some new hairstyles too. So go for it!

7. The Bob

The bob is a classic and it will continue to go strong in 2021. The classic bob comes in on more than one style: you can have a blunt bob, or a bob with bangs, for example. A bob with bangs is one of the easiest styles to wear and maintain.

However, if you're pretty handy with a flat iron, a blunt bob can be awesome too. The good thing about is that it never goes out of style. This style looks best on straight hair types, but if you want to try it with your wavy or curly hair be sure to use a nourishing product from a band like House Of Curls to keep your curls under control in this short style.

8. Extensions

Extensions are another big trend for 2021. This style only performs well when used with good quality hair. Extensions are a great way to get over that awkward stage of growing out your hair. So, if you want to have long hair like Ariana Grande but you’re still rocking a short bob, extensions are for you. 

A new look brings new energy, and if you are searching for your new 2021 look, why not try one of these? After all, this is a perfect time to experiment with new hairstyles after spending much of our 2020 at home!