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Thanks to social progression and legal change, cannabis is becoming increasingly legally acceptable in many countries of the world. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that cannabis tourism is on the rise. More people want to toke and travel, therefore there is nothing like a 420-friendly atmosphere for you to roll. While, many cities have cannabis clubs that promote the sharing of a joint or two, here’s a list of places that will rank high on your list

  1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you are a lover of hemp, then Dutch city of Amsterdam is your pilgrimage. Amsterdam was one of the first places to socialize and legalize the usage of weed. Therefore, the trip to Amsterdam is a stoner’s paradise. One of the principal reasons for you to visit the city is the weed friendly cityscapes and people. 

The legal age to purchase weed here is 18 years and compliance to the rule is mandatory. The cap on purchase is about 5 grams per day, which is more than what should suffice for you. Apart from the weed, the city offers breathtaking views and tasty food because the Dutch know that when you go green the hunger pangs go green too! 

However, the various cannabis themed restaurants, cafes, etc. offer more than just munchies. All of this makes Amsterdam “THE” place to travel. 


Christiania, Denmark

Christiania is to Denmark what Nimbin is to Australia. The cultural ethos of this place is unmatched and unequivocally free spirited. Christiania is like a micronation in itself where people live a lifestyle completely opposite to the prevailing social mainstream of Denmark. 

Along the “Pusher Street” you get to “sample” some of the exquisite variants of weed. The iconic settings of the street give you more than a complete trip. If you are planning a holiday to Copenhagen then feel free to drop by for a toke and travel experience here.

Kingston, Jamaica

One of the earliest practices of weed is documented in the Rastafari religion. Home, to the birthplace of reggae music, the legendary Bob Marley and the Rastafari culture, the 420 ethos of Jamaicans needs no introduction. Jamaica has long been a ‘ganja safe haven’, with a significant community of cultivators of the sativa plant. 

Not only is it legal to cultivate, sell and smoke top quality sativa strains by high supplies, Jamaicans celebrate it rather. The 420-friendly ethos is embedded deep within the Jamaican culture because weed smoking is a part of the sacrament of the Rastafari religion here. 

You have to be in Kingston to understand why Harry Belafonte made a stop to Jamaica and was saddened at bidding it farewell, quite literally!

Anchorage, Alaska

How would you feel about smoking Northern Lights under the Northern Lights! It truly is worth the trip. Anchorage, Alaska has been dubbed as the valley of flowers and lights, and indeed there can be nothing more spectacular than a doobie lit under the starry lights in one of the iconic flower valleys of Anchorage. 

As you puff away through the joint pleasures of snow-capped peaks and the twilight settings behind it, Alaska does more than just to enthral you with scenic pleasures. The city boasts of some expert ganja growers as the personalized growing of weed was made legal as far back as 1975. 

The city boasts of many cannabis cafes that give you more than just munchies to chow. Not only this, but the extraordinary summer could also be great for your party trips while the Aurora Borealis have a light of their own. Thus, Anchorage has everything to offer a 420 lover, 365 days of the year!

Denver, Colorado

Colorado Rocky Mountain High- the first words when you think of Denver- can be accredited to the legendary singer John Denver. However, country music is not all that Denver, Colorado, has to offer. 

This place boasts of one of the most popular 420-tourist cultures of the world. Since the legalization in 2012, Denver is one of the leading picks for a stoner’s backpacking doobie trips. To explain the 420-friendly ethos, how about a visit to one of the iconic cannabis bars? 

Denver’s unique weed culture does not lie bound by its Ganja Grow Schools or Marijuana Yoga Camps. Rather it fosters in its mountainous regions, as you take a long drawn puff of Super Lemon Haze – one of the rare flavours of Sativa strains the place offers. Denver encourages you to go out and make the most of your trip upon a sand sled through the charming Colorado sand dunes.

  1. Nimbin, Australia

Nimbin, Australia is one of the most prolific hemp destinations for hippies around the world. A cannabis capital in its own right, a sneak peek into the Nimbin culture is vaguely colored with tie-dye shirts and flannel yoga pants. 

Nimbin is a landmark destination for the amazing number of shops that present a wide variety of “Happy Stuff” for a 420 enjoyment. Ranging from cookies to cakes and patisseries to other delicious treats the options are plentiful, because who better knows how to bring a happy high, right?!

  1. Montevideo, Uruguay

Uruguay is the only place where cannabis has received complete and unconditional legalization for citizens in 2014 for “recreational use”, of course! However, non- citizens are not allowed to buy it but the 420 friendly hemp happenings of the locals means they are always down for you to share a smoke or maybe two too many!  

The salty air and the bohemian vibe of the Montevideo cultural ethos is enough for you to cling on to some “happy herbs”, from the locals obviously. Consumption is legalized and so the traditions here more than suffice to give you the “good vibe” after a drag or a pull.

The Parting Words

Weed is finding its roots and acceptances in many countries however, it is essential to respect the culture, traditions and the laws of the country. A must therefore, is to procure your enjoyment with the help of the locals and tour and toke-in the sights as well.