5 Winter Makeup Tips to Target Glowing Skin

As lovely as the snowy surroundings can be, there’s no denying that the major downside of winter is the effect it can have on your skin. With the combination of the sharp cold air outside and dry indoor heating inside, it’s safe to say that your skin may be in need of some TLC. So, what’s the solution? 

Arlo Wolf, an online eyewear retailer that offers a free home try-on glasses service, has provided a roundup of makeup tips that will help you promote radiant skin, even in the coldest of temperatures. Read all about them here, and get ready to slay that winter glow! 

1. Don’t forget the moisturiser

You’ll probably already be aware that your moisturiser is a weapon against the dry air, but how can you effectively incorporate this product into your winter makeup routine? Well, the general rule is to apply your moisturiser straight after you shower and before you put on any makeup. 

When you’re dealing with winter skincare, you’ll want to treat your skin to a generous amount of moisturiser and spend extra time massaging the product into your face. Doing this will not only protect your skin against the cold air, it will also make you look fiercely radiant! 

2. Switch to a more luminous primer 

You can’t create a good winter glow without a good winter primer. Now, many of us tend to be happy with our traditional matte primer, but in winter you’ve got to pull out all the stops! Why not switch that plain primer to a more luminous, dewy one? With this product, not even the strongest of snow falls or winter winds can have the power to dampen that glow. 

3. Opt for a creamier foundation 

Sure, dry flaky skin during winter is annoying, but there is nothing more annoying than your foundation emphasising this flakiness. To avoid this makeup disaster, it’s best to opt for a liquid foundation that has a creamier base in order to help shield your skin during winter. If you’re not a fan of the dewy look that these types of foundation can create, you can always set it with a powder to tone down the shine a little. 

4. Be wary of powder 

Speaking of powder, it is nevertheless important to not go overboard with this product in winter. This is because powder has the power to dry out your skin and make it appear more dull - something we definitely don’t want to be aiming for during the cold months. Use it if you feel that it works for your skin, but you might find that a moisturising CC cream works just as well. 

5. Don’t be afraid to pamper throughout the day 

Okay, so you’ve perfected your winter makeup - now it’s time to face the day. Whether you’re working from home or out on your daily walk, it’s important to take the time to check in with your skin. If you notice that your face is feeling a bit dry or your makeup is getting a bit cakey, don’t be afraid to give yourself a little spray of hydration with a facial mist. This will keep your skin glowing for all those Zoom calls! 

Taking care of your appearance during winter can certainly be more difficult than during the rest of the year. However, by following these simple makeup tips, you can be confident you’re doing all you can to protect your skin... and look fabulous at the same time!