5 Ways How Technology Is Altering The Cannabis Industry

5 Ways How Technology Is Altering The Cannabis Industry

The legalization of cannabis is on the rise, and with it comes lucrative business opportunities worldwide. As a result of its increasing use as a treatment for various ailments, the cannabis industry has expanded rapidly over the last few years. 

However, beyond everything else, the cannabis industry is booming because of technological innovations that have enhanced the diversification, distribution, and growth of Sativa and Delta 8 THC Also, the expansive investor influx and growth rate instills much more potential in the industry. The changing and advancing technology considerably influences the direction of the cannabis industry. For example, you can now choose cannabis products, ship cannabis products, and review cannabis products all from one website like purple penthouse

Here are five ways in which technology is altering the cannabis industry.


Reduced production cost

Growing weed is now more streamlined due to the advanced technology over the few years. For example, those producing high volumes of cannabis know that pneumatic rosin presses are superior to hydraulic presses when it comes to getting faster output of consistently good product with lower maintenance requirements. Advanced technology is only likely to even further improve things for the cannabis industry in the coming years. It's worth noting that cannabis requires several specific conditions to flourish. Heat and light are critical factors in growing.

However, some areas experience scanty sunlight, which might require a full spectrum lighting system as an alternative. But this can cost you a lot of cash to set the lighting system up. It also includes high electricity bills as cannabis requires enough light to thrive.


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Fortunately, the latest technological innovations considerably cut down the operating and upfront costs. Some of these innovations that are helping growers include: 

  • LED lighting

This is an exciting development in technology, helping growers to reduce the cost of producing cannabis. Previously, the cannabis industry was depending on HPS bulbs. The best thing about these bulbs is that they are cheaper and give a predictable crop yield. Unfortunately, the HPS bulbs use a lot of electricity. They have a short lifespan and produce a lot of heat; this forces the growers to use a climate control system. This is where the LED lighting system has helped growers.  

The new LED lighting fixtures are programmable and allow the grower to control the outcome as they can manipulate various aspects like lighting. Remember, efficient lighting is key to fine harvest. Besides, the LED bulbs are more efficient and produce less heat, which lowers the cost of controlling temperature.

  • Responsive control system


You need a highly responsive system to control the growth of high-quality cannabis. The new designs of these control systems are more advanced and are created to adapt automatic settings. An automated control system will reduce the work of controlling temperatures and lighting fixtures manually. 

eCommerce Platforms


Through technological advancement, cannabis business owners can now sell online. Online shopping provides cannabis users with a convenient way of accessing products from the comfort of their homes. It also gives them comprehensive options when choosing products. To businesses, it means more extensive access to the market as buying through smart devices goes mainstream.

Nevertheless, the eCommerce platforms have changed drastically in the last decade. With the current legalization over the use of cannabis, weed dispensaries have gone miles in marketing their products on online platforms. Today, you can easily find marketing data on the internet. Moreover, there are powerful tools like Google Analytics that help CBD brands to have a clear idea of what is needed by their target audience. 

Even better, clients can now talk right with the company representatives via social media. Being the consumer, speaking directly to the cannabis brand will help you get what you want. With a single tweet, Facebook post, or message on Instagram, users can now give you their opinions about an individual CBD flavor, quality, and colors that they want. 

Buying Products Online is Now Safer


With the advanced technology, users can now purchase CBD products from manufacturers in a more secure way compared to a few years ago. Since many CBD brands are selling cannabis products online, technology has enabled users to research everything about the brand and product quality. Most reputable companies now have a user-friendly and professional website. Such websites use advanced features like the shopping cart, ensuring that the customer’s sensitive data is secured during checkout. 

It has also allowed companies to build trust with their customers. Through their websites are now more transparent about their manufacturing process and provide a Certificate of Analysis as proof of products' quality. 



CBD products are available in different forms, from skincare products to vape liquids, edibles, and oil tinctures. Researchers are developing new technology, nanoencapsulation, that condenses cannabinoids into small emulsions and increases their bioavailability. Using small emulsions, you can easily blend the CBD oil with water. 



The CBD delivery chain is now more secure because of the new technology. Everything is running under secured services from grower to manufacturer and manufacturer to retailer or dispensary. Additionally, researchers have developed a logistics software designed to manage the delivery operations that supply CBD products from dispensaries or retailers to customers.



The cannabis industry will not slow down; it’s expected to reach $50 to $75 billion in annual sales within a decade. With the researchers still determined to improve, the industry continues to evolve. Technology has made growing, purchasing, and consuming easier and safer.