5 Unique Apps To Support Your Self Care Regime

As we set our goals for the year ahead, now is the perfect time to re-think your self-care regime. Whether you fancy a new exercise practice, or you’re looking to express more gratitude, these apps have got plenty of ideas to boost your wellbeing.

1. Meditopia 


Meditopia is a fantastic app for meditation, here you’ll find an extensive library, including all different types of meditation sessions. These meditations cover various themes, such as relationships, anxiety, sexuality, loneliness, and more. Meditopia was designed to help users to heal, enhance resilience, and achieve their personal goals.

2. Ferly 


Ferly is one of the leading apps for sexual self-care, but what exactly is sexual self-care? According to Ferly, it’s about, ‘tuning in to one’s own needs and desires, then responding.’ Sexual experiences are closely linked to wellbeing and mental health, and so Ferly was created to help you enhance your sexual experiences. Here you’ll find lots of cool features to try, including sensual stories, a sex journal, challenges, articles, pleasure picks, and guided practices.

3. Ayurveda

The Ayurveda app provides plenty of information to help you understand Ayurvedic medicine. It’s a perfect app for those who are interested in a healthy diet, healthy cooking, aromatherapy, or spiritual practices. The application includes content such as:


  • The background of Ayurveda philosophy and history, including the ayurvedic approach to disease and health.
  • Ayurvedic remedies for colds or the flu.
  • Tips to improve your immunity.
  • Nutritional advice and guidelines.


The application also offers recommendations on breathing exercise and yoga. It can help you to learn about the best ayurvedic herbs for stress and anxiety including Ashwagadha and Brahimi. Once you’ve learned about ayurvedic herbs, you might like to explore other avenues for herbal relaxation, (to make the experience that little bit more fun, check out this bubbler for sale)!


4. Happy Feed


Happy Feed is a straightforward journal app, encouraging you to reflect on three things you are grateful for, everyday. Studies indicate that writing in a gratitude journal can improve your mental health, helping you to focus on the positives. A few of the key features of Happy Feed include:


  • The option to add photographs
  • Throwback memories to look back on
  • Get motivated with daily prompts
  • Tag your days with emojis
  • Unlimited journal space.


5. Glo


Glo is an app for Pilates, yoga and meditation, supporting users to improve their body and mind. Using the Glo app you can access a huge variety of different yoga classes, including Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga. Using the Glo yoga app you can create customized collections, access self-guided content and monitor your progress. Take live classes, or design your own personalized workouts.


Your self care routine


Remember, when it comes to your self-care regime it’s all about setting manageable goals. Lacking time during the week? Why not challenge yourself to just one short yoga session? Want to eat healthier? Allow yourself at least one cheat day, to motivate yourself. When we set ourselves manageable goals, we are far more likely to succeed.