5 Necessary Things in a Post-COVID Tourist's Backpack

Last year has not been easy for traveling maniacs. First flying companies canceled flights to the hottest destinations. Then, countries worldwide closed their borders. And all we could do is cry while going through old photos from our last travels.

Fortunately, the world is slowly recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. The distribution of vaccines is going well, and with more and more countries opening their borders, the chances for a normal summer are increasing.

However,  if you still want to go backpacking through Europe or Asia or go for a domestic vacation, now it’s the best time to prepare a travel packing list and plan your trip. 

The following article will present you with five essentials in a post-covid tourist backpack. Gone are the days when a toothbrush and your medication the only must-pack items. 

Negative COVID-19 Test Confirmation

Without the negative test results, border control won't let you into most countries, so be sure to think about it at least four days before your big trip. The majority of regulations say that the test has to be made in the last 72 hours before you set off. If you are in California, get tested for covid straight away from https://www.itsbetterhealth.com/ before going to any other state or country.However, rapid tests differ from molecular tests as they do not require lab equipment. They can be deployed for rapid screening of potentially infected patients. The result can be obtained within 20 minutes.

Right now, it's the only paperwork to add to your passport and visa stash. Though in a few months, a vaccine passport may replace it. 

And in case you need an urgent medical translation, use your phone to help you. For instance, when in Bristol, type "translation services in Bristol" in Google. Professional companies will get you covered.

You can also use a phone app, but it’s best to be as precise as possible when it comes to medical conditions.

Handful of Masks

Masks covering both nose and mouth are the most effective way to stop the spread of Covid-19. Fees for not wearing one can vary from 153 euros in France to 2,500 euros in Portugal. In extreme cases, you can even end up in jail for the next six months! 

With that in mind, make sure to follow the sanitary regime rules no matter the location. You could easily spend the potential fee money on a fancy Airbnb with a jacuzzi, dinner in a luxurious restaurant, or on another trip!

Make sure that you have at least a few one-time-use N95 masks with you. And yes, that is eco-unfriendly, but you won't always have an option to use a laundry for washing multiple-use ones. And a dirty mask won't protect anyone from Coronavirus, that's for sure. Buy online N95 or KN95 masks from planethalohealth.com to stay safe at home.


From now, latex or nitrile gloves should be regular visitors in your first aid kit. Using an airplane toilet pre-corona resulted only in a claustrophobic trauma. This time it is your health that at stake. Wear your gloves and try not to touch your face when you have them on.

Besides planes, put them on whenever you go to the stores or the local market. Remember that every souvenir, soda bottle, and umbrella has been touched and sneezed on by at least a dozen people. And even if they didn't have the symptoms - they might have been asymptomatic or carry other seasonal infections. 

To not ruin your immunity put your gloves in the front pocket of your backpack - they will be easily accessible, and you won't have to look for them at the bottom of your enormous travel bag.

Make sure to get disposable gloves used for medical purposes  or buy nitrile gloves to ensure that you’re getting the protection you need.

Hand Sanitizer and Disinfectant

Certain things people touch automatically - without thinking. When you’re in a hurry, you don’t have time to put on your gloves. Doorknobs, handles, or elevator buttons are all commonly touched surfaces that carry enormous amounts of germs. Make sure to always have a hand sanitizer or disinfectant with you to wipe your hands on the run.

You will find both in travel sizes in every store you come across on your way. You can carry a disinfectant in your backpack, but we recommend attaching it to a key chain or belt. How? On Amazon or Etsy, people sell plenty of pocket-sized disinfectant holders that you can connect to anywhere. There are cute and creative, and you can often personalize them. It's a corona precaution and an accessory in one.

Water Bottle and Soap

In case you run out of hand sanitizer, always carry a water bottle and soap with you. Public toilets are not always sparkling clean, so having your own refillable "sink" and soap dispenser may come in handy. A reusable water bottle will warrant that you don't contact any external bodies, especially dirty ones. And believe us, in some places, having a working soap dispenser can be a life saver!

Ensure that the soap is not lingering at the bottom of your backpack, though. Put it at the very top, or attach it to your keys next to a hand sanitizer. It will protect it from germs and ensure it won’t ruin your backpack.

Post-Corona Backpacking Essentials

Traveling is an escape from day-to-day monotony. However, you can only enjoy it when your mind is calm and at peace. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to be tranquil when you lose track of what to put in your backpack and stress about all the things you've forgotten.

And while forgetting a sock is not fatal, without your negative corona test result, the whole trip is in danger. That's why carefully prepare your backpacking essentials packing list and stick to it no matter what.

When you finally have your ticket and accommodation booked - don't let Coronavirus trap you in self-isolation yet again. Wear your mask, gloves and wash your hands like there's no tomorrow.

And don’t forget to check which countries are open for visits and what kind of sanitary rules you need to follow when in one.