5 Camera Accessories That You Must Have in 2021

Getting a new camera is not enough to take good pictures. You must then foray into purchasing some decent camera accessories to leverage the best out of your photography skills. 

There are plenty of exciting camera accessories available in the market, each with its distinct feature and benefit. Therefore, it could get tough to choose the essential bits right away.

Here's a detailed breakdown of five camera accessories that you must have in 2021. Always carry these with you to enjoy uninterrupted photography when you are out on the road.

Here’s Must Have Camera accessories list - 

1: Camera Bag

People with small camera bodies and single lenses, something for DSLR or mirrorless cameras, may not find camera bags necessary. However, they provide complete protection against bad weather and dust, which could affect the device. 

Furthermore, photographers often tend to expand on their lens collection, which can, later on, become an issue if they don't have a big camera bag to accommodate their group. Camera bags bring smart portability and easy convenience to photographers.

2: Tripod

Tripods are a staple tool for photographers across formats and industries. They can help you to hold the camera at precisely the right angle while keeping it still. This ultimately contributes to taking a detailed and sharp image. They are crucial to any photographer and must be at the top of your must-have list.

When purchasing, you must look for a tripod that allows you to shoot close to the ground, despite extending to near eye-level. It's important to mention that clip locks on the tripod provide for quick deployment. However, twist locks consume less space. This ultimately boils down to your judgment and individualistic choice.

3: Additional Lenses

Most beginner cameras come with a standard zoom lens- covering a focal length range of around 14-42mm on Micro Four Thirds, 18-55mm on an APS-C format camera, or perhaps a 24-105mm on a full-frame model.

These numbers are fantastic when you are starting your photography career. However, soon you will realize that you require wider lenses to capture landscapes or interiors or need telephoto lenses to capture action subjects.

4: Filters

Once you have gained considerable experience with your camera, you will look to expand your knowledge and try new ways of exploration. Neutral density filters will aid your pursuit for an experiment with your camera. They are a crowd favorite due to their ability to take long exposure shots in daylight to blur cloud or water movement in landscapes. 

Additionally, they will also help you shoot with a wide aperture in bright light, which is otherwise tricky to execute. Then there are graduated neutral density filters as well. They come in handy when you want to balance a bright sky's exposure with a darker foreground.

5: Lens And Sensor Cleaners

It would be best for your camera if you keep your gear clean. It would be best if you always had a blower to remove specks and grit from your camera body and lens. This should be followed by a gentle wipe with a soft lens cloth.

Almost every passionate photographer recommends investing in a sensor cleaning kit. You can use the cleaning set to remove any sticky pollen or unwanted element inside the camera sensor despite the devices being designed with in-built cleaning mechanisms.


It's essential that you first get in grip with your photography. Once you have grasped the hooks and nooks of the process, you could venture into additional help and tools. These tools will further your photography skills to help you take stunning pictures, similar to an industry level professional.