4 Romantic Destinations For Couples During Pandemic

4 Romantic Destinations For Couples During Pandemic 

Dating is fun. For many people, there are times when it feels like being in a relationship is the best thing that ever happened to them. One of such times is when they take time off work to go for vacations or dates at romantic spots.

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Dating During a Pandemic and What to Look Out For

Pandemics can be devastating. They can turn lives upside down and separate people. However, one aspect that doesn’t get as much attention is the effects that such outbreaks have on relationships and dating.

Pandemics easily rattle relationships. The couples that get hit the worst are those in long-distance relationships. Not seeing a heartthrob for extended periods can create vacuums that may eventually lead to the death of such a relationship.

But even in such turbulent times, there are some places that couples can visit to have a fun time. These places have the right ambiance for lovers, and more importantly, they are accessible and safe! Before jumping on the next available train or flight to hang out with a lover during a pandemic, these are some of the things couples should have in mind. They include:

The disease statistics in their area

When living in an area that has been severely hit by a pandemic, couples might want to rethink traveling as they may be asymptomatic. This is the moral thing to do to keep others safe.

The disease statistics in the area they are going to

Before traveling for a romantic date during a pandemic, people need to know how disease-prone the area they are traveling to is. A little research is necessary to avoid contracting avoidable diseases for the sake of love. 

The safety guidelines they have to follow in their preferred destination

Some areas have more safety stringent rules than others. Couples should always determine if they are comfortable with how strict the rules are in the locations they intend to visit. However, during a pandemic, it is recommended to wear a mask, maintain social distance, and always carry sanitizers and wipes.

How easy it is to get medical help in their preferred destinations

Couples should ensure that they go to destinations where healthcare is accessible in case of emergencies. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

Romantic Destinations to Visit During a Pandemic

After sorting out all of these factors listed above, picking the perfect vacation destination is the next step. It is recommended that you look at fun, adventurous yet budget-friendly places with low rates of infections.

With this in mind, here are some destinations to check out:

Puerto Rico

This is one of the countries that have lost a lot of revenue from tourism as a result of the present COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is still a great vacation destination for lovers. If you decide to go on a vacation to Puerto Rico, you would not only be getting a fun premium adventure, you would also be helping a nation.

While there, these are some fun activities to do and some spots to visit. They are:

  • Cave Hopping Tour

If you and your partner love adventures, then Puerto Rico is the place for that. Go on cave hopping trips and do fun, slightly strenuous things with your partner. Doing adventurous things with your partner strengthens your bond.

  • San Juan

If you are a nightcrawler or love beaches filled with white sand, San Juan is for you.

This is a great place to unwind and just breathe. You can go scuba diving with your partner or even trying out indigenous new food. The best part is that you can expect very hospitable treatment from your hosts.


When you think of Hawaii, you cannot help but imagine ladies wearing a wreath crown with grass on their waists. That’s the way popular media has portrayed them and it’s beautiful. But away from that, this island is a great choice for taking a romantic vacation. 

Here is one cool spot to visit in Hawaii.


ESPACIO is a great place to get pampered. You can get an entire building floor for you and your partner coupled with 24/7 butler service, an indoor sauna, a private ocean-view jacuzzi and other great romantic features. You can't help but enjoy these features with your lover.

If you want a romantic date, you can get one in a secluded area of the island's secret beach or next to the infinity pool.


Spain is a beautiful country with some mind-blowing architecture. Even during pandemics, you can still visit some of its romantic spots. As long as you take precautionary measures, you should be fine.

When you go to Spain, you should check out:

  • Seville

With its Moorish-influenced architecture, Seville has always been the perfect getaway for couples. You should check out Hotel Alfonso XIII. It has great picture backdrops for you and your partner to take memorable pictures that’ll always remind you of your trip.

New York City

This once lively city was hit hard by the pandemic. The city is still bubbling, but a lot of tourists are shying away from visiting it for safety reasons. However, if you already live in the US (preferably in any area that is close to New York)  and if you love to try out some delicious food with your partner,  the following spot would appeal to you:

  • Mokyo

This is a Korean-themed restaurant owned by Ms. Hyun. It serves amazing Korean cuisine. From chucking rice balls into your mouth to smacking your lips at the taste of kimchi, you will have a swell time if you decide to hang out with your partner in this restaurant.

Apart from the food, the city of New York also has great art works to offer and a visit to any of its numerous museums will not disappoint you. When looking for a vacation spot during a pandemic, New York City is one of the liveliest places you can check out.