What to Wear to Perth Cup 2021 | Dress Code Ideas & Tips

Who says you can't place bets on horses and set fashion trends at the same time? Horse races are thrilling events with tasty nourishments and beverages to keep the competing spectators occupied. Millions from around the world even attend some such as the Kentucky Derby, a highly annual horse race located in Louisville, Kentucky, and the Perth Cup, located in Perth, Western Australia. With millions of watchers in those bustle environments, of course, it would be substantial for women and men to strut some voguish styles.


Step In The Name of Fashion

Shoes will be the principal key in an outfit for any horse race you attend. Remembering to be comfortable is an idea to keep in mind. Most races are during the balmy season, so avoid shoes that would keep you slipping and sliding around. As for the Perth Cup tips, the terrain could be damp, grassy, irregular or jagged and you could be on your feet all day. Deter from stilettos and 5-high inch heels ladies! Low wedges or low heels would be flattering at these events and even an endearing pair of flats.

Add Some Spice To Your Sunday's Best!

As for dress codes for men and women, dressing formally is the most attractive with neat and groomed garments. Compare your attire to what you would wear after church service on a pleasant, Sunday afternoon but with a hint of the trend. Sundresses, classic trousers, florals, culottes, and high-rise jumpsuits are commending for the torrid heat. In a case of windy breeze, thongs are not recommended. Men can place some fashion on the field with lightweight suits, casual shirt and tie, or a casual, tailored pair of shorts. In the event the weather is crisp or there is rainfall, jackets are welcomed.

Be Bold and Bright

Once more, the races mainly occur during the Summer and Spring seasons where pastel colours are common. Pink, blue, white, yellow and even polka dots are suggested colours. If you favour natural colours, accessorize your outfit with bright coloured pumps or tie. For some fun, rainbow dresses could be an option. Soft makeup is also delightful. (Don't fail to remember setting spray and SPF under your foundation ladies!) Men can add to this with pastel shirts or a polka dot tie.

Decorate your Attire

To accessorize your outfit, add a complimentary hair bow, headband, turban, scarves or compact purse. Any fashionable straw hat or fedora is gratifying and useful while you're walking around in the warm weather. Lawn chairs will be suitable accessories for the races in the incident there is no seating. Gloves and umbrellas are of course optional.


Be mindful that dress codes can differentiate depending on the area, so make sure to check before attending the event. If you choose to bring family, coordinate with your kids. If the event is held at nighttime choose to dress more casual. If you just remember for the clothing to be congenial but fashionable, you'll be ready to parade and strut at the races!


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