Website Success: Build It and They Will Come

With over 4 billion Internet users worldwide, a website is a must-have for any business. Otherwise, your target customers won’t know whether your business or products exist. A professionally designed website invites the public to learn more about your business and what you offer. Since customers can access it anytime, anywhere, your website acts as your partner in providing relevant information, offering support, and facilitating transactions. But how do you transform a new website into a powerful marketing tool? Here are 6 actionable tips to help you do that.


  1.     Pick a Memorable Name for Your Website

Picking a name is one of the most crucial aspects of website success. The simple reason is that the name of your website is what is going to stick in your customers’ heads or disappear. So it’s important to pick an unforgettable name.

List down at least five websites you visit daily. How do you recall their names without checking your browser history? What stands out about their names?  Perhaps it’s because they are memorable. 

Sometimes, your company name won’t cut it or perhaps the company name isn’t appealing enough so you need to use a slogan. Consider this before purchasing the domain. But ensure you come up with something that’s closely related to your company or the products you’re selling. Also, pick a short name and opt for a .com extension, as it’s the easiest for people to recall.


  1. Choose a Reliable and Sufficient Hosting

Nothing is more frustrating than publishing and marketing your website only to discover that the hosting service you chose is unreliable. As a result, you’re likely to run into a wide array of host problems, from crashes with excess traffic to lack of scalability to undependable or nonexistent support to inadequate features.

Before selecting a company to host your website, ensure they have positive reviews and a good rating. There are tons of dating sites that specialize in comparing hosting sites, so be sure to compare several hosting services and choose one that suits your needs and budget.

Once you have selected your hosting service, be sure to select a comprehensive plan. If your goal is to market your business and grow it to the level where it can receive thousands of unique site visitors daily, then a basic, non-paid plan would be an obstacle to the realization of that goal. Although you can always transition to an advanced, paid plan as your business grows, picking a plan that aligns with your goals from the start will work to your advantage in the long-term. 


  1.     Choose the Right Platform

In this case, a platform is a company that’ll launch and publish your website online for everyone to see. Some site owners choose to leave this task to the hosting company while others opt to host on renowned platforms like WordPress.

Be sure to select a platform with intuitive navigation and a user-friendly interface. If you have limited experience when it comes to the backend of sites, ensure you choose something that you can implement effortlessly.


  1.     Create an Effective Content Strategy

How are you planning to drive traffic to your site? One of the most effective ways to do this is to consistently publish quality, meaningful content. And you can only do this when you have an effective content strategy in place. With a good content strategy, you’ll publish content that has relevant graphics and all SEO supplements on your pages.

On your site, you’ll require a full homepage that talks about your company, its history, founders, what it offers, and what makes it stand out.  On top of that, you’ll need a blog where you can create content around topics related to your company and what it offers. A great way to publish content on your blog consistently is to outsource content creation to a reliable individual freelancer or company.

Also, consider hiring an SEO company that will optimize your website to rank highly on search engines like Google so that your target customers can find you easily. This company will help you boost your conversion rates, monitor your prospects, and enhance your sales funnel all in a single flawless platform. It’ll also help you automate your sales process completely by integrating ClickFunnels Shopify on your online store. Connecting your ClickFunnels to Shopify will make your online customers’ buying experience, safe and seamless, which ultimately increases your conversion rates.


  1.     Track and Review Your Analytics

You need to monitor and evaluate your analytics regularly. These statistics give you a true picture of your website performance. It checks aspects like the number of unique visitors that your site gets daily, weekly, or monthly. It also analyzes landing page conversions, allowing you to know the percentage of visitors that made a purchase or asked for additional information.



Building a successful website can be a challenging and overwhelming task. But by dedicating your time and resources, being patient, and putting the above 6 tips into practice, you can build a website that actually delivers remarkable results. When allocating your resources, if you’d like to build a website that embodies a bigger vision for your website, you can consider teaming up with web development professionals. They will help you optimize the above 6 tips, and leverage their benefits to the fullest.