Useful Study Tips for Passing Your Exams

Never leave exam preparations to the last minute. It is a fact that many students thrive on this last-minute cramming, the widely accepted routine for most students is not to go this way for approaching the exams. For sorting out the time management you need to set up a timetable for your preparation. Write down the number of exams you have on your hands, the exact dates on which you have to appear for them, and the number of days available for the preparation. After this, organize the studies accordingly. Find a balance that you are comfortable with. Here are some tips.

  1. Organize the study space

    Ensure that you have sufficient space available for spreading your notes and textbooks. Check whether you have sufficient lights, is the sitting arrangement comfortable, have you put away the computer games, etc. Try to put away all the distractions and ensure that you are comfortable and ready to concentrate on your studies as much as possible. For many students this will mean complete silence while for others, having some background music helps. Many students like to have things tidy and organized to enable them to focus while others prefer a cluttered atmosphere. Consider what works out for you and spend time on getting it right. 
  2. Utilize diagrams and flowcharts

    Visual aids are quite helpful when you are revising. At the beginning of a topic, you can challenge yourself by trying to write down the things you have learned about a topic. Highlight the gaps if any. When you get close to the exam you can condense the revision notes to have a single-page diagram. Having the ideas down on paper briefly will help you to recall the things you need to understand before the exams. 
  3. Practice with old exams and explain the answers to others

    One of the more effective methods for the preparation of exams is working on the past versions of the exam or finding USMLE practice questions that will help with the right examination. It allows you to get used to the question format and if you can time yourself it will be a great practice for ensuring that you have spent a sufficient amount of time for every section. Ignore the annoyance you feel with little brothers and parents at the time of exams. Use them as an advantage for practice. Explain your answers to the questions to them. This is why online exam prep is so useful - you can use it as much as you need! This allows you to get clear ideas in your head and it highlights the areas that need a greater degree of work.


  1. Take breaks regularly

    Although it is a fact that many of us believe in studying for as many hours as possible, it can be counterproductive. If you are training to run in a marathon you will not try to run for 24 hours daily right? The study is like this. It has been established that for long term retention of knowledge you need to take regular breaks. Every person is different so create a study routine that works out the best for you. Some people study better in the mornings. In this case, begin the study early before you take a break for lunch. Others are more productive during the night. In this case, take a bigger break earlier that will allow you to settle down in the evenings. Do not feel bad if you are enjoying sunlight rather than being immersed in the books. Keep in mind that vitamin D is essential for a healthy brain.
  2. Eat healthily

    Sometimes you feel as if you need a special treat or you just do not have sufficient time to cook. But, keep in mind that the food you are consuming has an impact on focus and energy levels. So, it is a good idea to keep away from junk food. Maintain your brain and body well-fuelled by selecting the nutritious food that has been established to help concentration and memory like nuts, fish, yogurt, seeds, and blueberries. The same thing applies to the day of the exam. Consume a good meal before the exam. This meal should be based on food items that provide a slow energy release. Although sugar may appear like an appealing alternative, your energy levels will drop after an hour.