Taking Better Party Photos with Your Smartphone

Holidays are a great occasion for taking pictures with family, friends and who can forget the selfies . It is important to not only take pictures but to take great pictures as these will serve you in good stead to recollect and reminisce on the memories of yesterday.

Thanks to the quality of smartphone cameras these days, it is no longer difficult to capture instant high-quality party photos. Our guest writer Lucas Goldberg shares some useful tips that will help our readers take better party photos with their smartphones. To find out more about Lucas Goldberg, click here.

Here are four great tips on how to take the best pictures with smartphone cameras.

Prepare Your Camera Settings

If you want the best possible photos, you have to make sure that your camera settings are optimized.

We suggest sliding up your camera settings to the maximum levels that your device can handle. This alone can help you shoot more detailed photos.

The catch is that these photos will typically require more memory space. Invest in a good quality microSD card that will help you store these shots.

I don’t want to get technical with dishing out advice here, as different smartphones have different quality cameras. Some people are also averse to tinkering too much with their settings. The question of how to take good photos with phone cameras depends on you and what you are looking for.

My advice is to explore your camera to see what settings produce shots that resonate with you personally. Some people find that black and white or sepia shots are most appealing to them; some enjoy the Polaroid-style square photos. Find the settings that speak to your visual tastes and run with it.

Clean Your Camera Lens

Have you ever wondered why your photos are blurrier compared to other people’s photos? And why the shots taken by a professional photographer always come out so crisp and clean?

Sometimes the answer is as simple as making sure your camera lens is clean as can be. If you are like most people, you don’t spend that much time cleaning your smartphone, given how much you use it every day.

Professional photographers know how much of a difference a clean camera lens can make when it comes to taking amazing photos.

Purchase a cheap microfiber cloth and clean your lens a few hours ahead of your shoot. You can also consider a phone case that covers your lens from dust particles—you might be surprised at how much of a difference this small step can make!

Pay Attention to the Party Theme and Shoot Accordingly

If you are the designated photographer at an event, you want to make sure you not only capture the people but the theme and setting, so that when someone sees the picture, they can get a feel for the party theme. 

Canadians like experimenting with different party themes. They often like taking lots of pictures at different casinos. You must learn how to take the best pictures with smartphones whether it is at a live casino or at a $10 minimum deposit online casino.

Remember when you’re taking photos to commemorate your party, focus on these details the most. If you take photos out of context, you won’t be able to convey to others what made your party so special. 

If you are taking pictures at a house party, you need to quickly focus on where the main party is at and ensure most of your pictures cover this room. However, there are bound to be a few people who wander off into other parts of the house, and it will be up to you to get a few clicks as long as the settings are not intimate. 

Take Multiple Shots, Edit Them Later

Here is a secret that all good photographers know but most of us don’t. The real magic of amazing photos takes place in the editing period.

Moments that we want to photograph are fleeting. Think about your grandmother laughing heartily for the first time in months. Do you really want to fiddle with your camera settings while that’s happening? By the time you’re ready to shoot, the moment is over. 

So, prepare your camera settings ahead of time, and always be ready to capture the fleeting beautiful moments.

One of the best mobile photography tips for beginners is not to look for that one perfect shot. Take dozens of pictures at a time, then sort them out later in the editing process. Most photos will be unusable, but the ones that can be used can stay with you forever. 


Make sure you use all four of the above tips in your party photos and you will be surprised to see what a big difference it makes with the end result.