Luxury Athleisure Trends To Embrace Right Now

Luxury athleisure has long been a big trend among celebrities and is now starting to become mainstream. Could now be time to embrace this fashion trend? This guide explains more as to what exactly ‘luxury athleisure’ is and what to look out for. 

What Is Luxury Athleisure?

‘Athleisure’ is a term used to describe sports clothing that can also be worn leisurely. It encompasses sneakers, leggings, yoga pants, hoodies and sweatpants. 

In recent years, big brands have been releasing more expensive and more premium quality athleisure clothing. Sneakers are the shoes that started the luxury athleisure trend - in the ‘90s and ‘00s, sneaker brands started creating limited edition trainers that were more expensive. This led to brands creating higher quality luxury sneakers and eventually other luxury athleisure clothing. 

The appeal of this clothing is simple - it looks good and it’s very comfortable. It’s based off of sports clothing and promotes an image of being healthy and active. At the same time, it has a more luxury look to it than traditional athleisure clothing - it’s the clothing worn by Instagram models and musicians. Brands like Balenciaga are now the new Gucci. It’s the clothing to wear if you want to turn heads.

The biggest barrier for people embracing this fashion style is the price. However, like any luxury clothing, you can save up for it if you really want it. 

Trends to embrace right now

So just how can you embrace the luxury athleisure trend in 2021? Below are just some of the biggest trends right now.

Splash out on some sneakers

Investing in a pair of top-end sneakers is one way to embrace the luxury athleisure trend. Chunky, brightly coloured sneakers are now all the rage. These can be paired with all kinds of clothing  from leggings to jeans.

Go neutral – or go neon

Black and white is a popular colour scheme for luxury athleisure clothing. Such colours are safe and certain to look cool. On the opposite end of the spectrum are neon greens and neon yellows. These can be contrasted with black clothing for a bold pop of colour (such as a neon yellow hoodie with black leggings). Neon colours are a much more daring look, suitable only for those that feel confident in bright colours. 

Opt sustainable

There’s been a recent shift from synthetic materials to more natural materials in athleisure. This is particularly the case in luxury athleisure. When looking for leggings or sneakers to wear, consider sustainable options that help the planet. Positive Luxury lists a few great sustainable brands.

Don’t worry about your size

Luxury athleisure isn’t just for slim bodies. A number of brands have been bringing out plus-size lines of luxury athleisure. These clothes are designed to compliment the bodies of plus-size women, unlike many of the skimpier and non-inclusive clothes offered by traditional brands. You can find a few brands here at Health