How To Prepare Your Home For A Puppy

So, you can be congratulated: you decided to have a puppy! There's plenty to discover and enjoy with a four-legged friend, and you can't wait to rub the baby's ear. However, having made the decision, you should not run straight to the breeder to get a pet, first prepare the house for the arrival of a new family member.


To move to a new home, the puppy is ready from two months. At this age, the baby can eat independently, he is energetic and curious, but at the same time incredibly fragile and defenseless. Knowing the world around him, the puppy will be sniffing around with interest, and some of them will certainly taste. To keep a young discoverer from getting into trouble, the owner must take care of his safety and restrict access to wires, electrical appliances, small, sharp objects, sewing accessories, foam, medicine, etc. In order to protect him from possible trouble, the owner will have to take care of his safety. If you live in a private home, be sure to secure the stairs and think about how to guard against a four-legged intrusion those areas where the puppy should not enter.


In the new house the baby should already wait for his warm, cozy bed. Place it in a quiet place, where there are no draughts and where the pet will not be often disturbed. Remember that the puppy needs clean and fresh air. Take care that the ventilation in the house is in order, and learn how to clean the hood. Don't forget to do a general cleaning of all surfaces, and in particular, read even how to clean induction cooktops. Remember, that the wild ancestors of dogs live in burrows in the fresh air, where they feel safe. The need for a cozy shelter has also been preserved in domestic dogs, they need a safe place to rest and sleep. It is very important to explain this to the children and then make sure that they do not disturb the resting dog.


The house should already have two bowls: for water and food, the preferred material: stainless steel. It is desirable not just to put the bowls on the floor, but to place them on a special stand or bracket. Experts recommend to place the bowl at the level of the elbow joint of the dog: it is not only useful for the physique, but also helps to teach the dog to not pick up food from the ground on the street.


Toys are needed for fun. Puppies have an irrepressible supply of energy, they love to play and chew everything around. And if you care about your slippers and shoes, then buy special toys for the baby - in your own interests. It's very important that they're quality, strong and don't break into sharp parts under the influence of their teeth, as happens with plastic toys, otherwise your puppy could get hurt badly. Cushions and other soft products that contain foam rubber are dangerous for your baby. Also prepare household appliances, if possible remove all expensive and fragile things in a secluded place. In case of breakage, this certified company can help you.


It is better to buy special products from proven manufacturers. They are made of safe materials and do not spoil a dog's bite. Please note that the use of old slippers or shoes as toys is not recommended in any case, otherwise then you just can not explain to your pet why the old slippers can be chewed, and new branded shoes - can not.


As for nutrition, in the first days of a puppy's appearance in the new home it is better to feed him the same food he ate from the breeder, even if this choice does not seem to you quite correct. Moving is a huge emotional stress for the baby, and a sudden change of diet can even cause a serious eating disorder. If necessary, you need to transfer your puppy to a new food very slowly and carefully, gradually diluting the familiar diet with the new food.


The best recommendations for the choice of food will be provided by the breeder of a particular breed, who has grown more than one generation of dogs, veterinarian or expert. The main thing is that the food is quality, balanced and suitable for the age category and individual characteristics of your dog.


Be sure to find out the addresses and phone numbers of several nearby veterinary clinics, read their work schedule, highlight the round-the-clock - and let this help always be at your fingertips. Do not forget to stock up and contact the veterinary surgeon, who, if necessary, can come to your home at any time of day. Now such measures may seem unnecessary, but believe me, in case your puppy suddenly gets sick, the phone number of a good veterinary clinic at hand will be very helpful.


Having taken care of the main moments of arrangement of the puppy in a new place, you can go with a clear conscience to get the baby. Let your acquaintance with the pet be pleasant, and friendship - strong and trustful! You can also check out: https://www.oodlelife.com/benefits-of-having-a-dog/