Finding the Right Hobby for You

Finding the right hobby can be pretty difficult.  Most people think that it is an easy process, just pick something.  But you have to think about what you like to do.  What things interest you and what are you good at?  And that’s not all.  You are looking for a hobby because you want to find some way to relax and enjoy life, but when do you have the time to find one, much less do it?  In our world today, we are so busy with working one and maybe even two jobs, taking care of our kids, going to college, etc, that it is hard to find the time to find a hobby.  As a child, we would try numerous things and had more than one hobby.  As we grow into adulthood, our hobbies seem to fade away and the things we like to do change, add that to the very small window of time we have in our days and hobbies are forever out the window. Did you ever collect things as a child? Well, collecting sport cards is an exciting hobby which can also be profitable. 

You can change that outcome.  We all need hobbies.  Hobbies are good for us.  They take our minds off our day-to-day stress and help us to relax.  I know if your hobby is something athletic, then you may think that is not relaxing, but in reality, it is.  It is relaxing your mind of anxiety and stress that causes our bodies to react in a not so healthy manner.  So, just because your hobby may be something dealing with exercising, it is still a good hobby to have.  Outside of lower stress, there are other advantages to hobbies.  Some others are better physical health, more sleep, happiness, improved work performance, and more friends.  Yes, more friends.  You gain more friends because you meet more people you like to do the same hobbies you do.

Finding Time

We all think that we don’t have enough time in a day to do a hobby.   If you think about your week and not just day to day you will be able to see that there is free time.  The question is, how do you use your free time.

Each week is168 hours.  Let’s say that you work forty hours a week and you sleep eight hours a night.  That leaves you 72 hours in a week.  When you look at it from that perspective, you realize that you can take some of that 72 hours and find a hobby and have the time to participate in it every week.  Think of the things you can do that will be relaxing for you.  Some suggestions are bowling, swimming, basketball, video games, reading a book, riding a bicycle, painting, cross-stitching, and crocheting are just to name a few.  The thing is, you have time, you just need a good plan.  Schedule your free time.  Don’t over-schedule your free time.  Meaning that you don’t want to schedule or make a plan for every hour that you have free in a week.  You don’t have to fill up every hour of every week. That brings more stress. Why does it bring more stress?  When people think of a schedule, they automatically associate it with work.  You don’t want to think of your hobby time as more work, then it becomes work and not relaxing and fun.

DJ Hobby

Ever thought of becoming a DJ? Maybe just to play around with it at home, or maybe to play at friends’ parties or just local events as a hobby? 

This is totally possible with a little investment. VST plugins, for instance, is a software that integrates synthesizers and effects into digital audio workstations. So, if you love music and have always thought about becoming a DJ as a hobby, you should definitely go for it.

Becoming a DJ can bring you a lot of happiness and be extremely fun.  Think about how you feel just listening to music.  Then think about how you would feel, making some beats of your own!  So, find the time, think about your love of music, and start a DJ hobby! For more details about awesome DJ equipment, check Tucker & Bloom record bags to maximise on your daily DJ utility.