How to Experience London in New and Exciting Ways

If you're a regular visitor to London, you know that it's hard to run out of things to do. Maybe you like to discover new places on each visit or you've found your favourite haunts that you can't help returning to again and again. But if you feel like you might be stuck in a rut or you want your next trip to the capital to be a little different, there are lots of ways you can shake it up and do something new. When you're planning your trip, try these ideas to make it as exciting as possible.


Try a Little Luxury


There are lots of ways to experience London, depending on your budget. You can stay anywhere from hostels to budget hotels or serviced apartments. If you want to experience the city in a way you haven't before, adding a little luxury into your trip is a great idea. You can find a comfortable four or five-star hotel, like the hotels in Shepherds Bush that are full of character. You could eat at fancy restaurants, with a number of Michelin-starred establishments available to try. This doesn't have to be expensive, either. You can get a luxury experience for less by finding the right deals.


Find the Locals' Favourites


The best way to see a city is often to experience it like a local. While you'll never truly be a local unless you move there permanently, you can certainly seek out all of the places and activities that Londoners enjoy. Avoid the tourist traps and head to the places that Londoners love, from the eateries and evening hotspots to the lesser-known parks and lidos. Staying in a serviced apartment or homestay can be a good way to get to know the city like a local too, instead of staying in a hotel.


Explore a New Neighbourhood


Do you always visit the same parts of the city when you go to London? Maybe you always go shopping on Oxford Street or go to the museums around Kensington. But London is much bigger than one or two neighbourhoods, and there could be huge parts of it that you have yet to explore. Where you go will depend on what you're looking for. Camden is great if you're looking for somewhere trendy and diverse. Notting Hill has some great restaurants and cafes. Every area of London has something unique to offer that you can explore.


Look for Unusual Activities


London is a big city, which means it has a huge range of things to do. Outside of the usual activities, you'll find plenty of more unusual things that can make your trip exciting. You can even find lots of free things to do that are great when you're on a budget. You could ride the huge slide - the longest tunnel slide in the world, in fact - at Olympic Park. You could watch a film outdoors with Rooftop Cinema or Backyard Cinema, or you could play a game around the city with Fire Hazard Games.


If your visits to London are feeling a bit too similar, shake it up by looking for some exciting new ways to experience the city on your next trip.