Get desirable choices of colour and quality of Loro Piana products

Fashion is now on-trend. Fabrics, bags, shoes are indispensable parts of Fashion. Loro Piana is a brand which produces clothes, shoes and bags but specialises in clothes. It is based in Italy. 


It was founded in 1924 and it was providing only menswear to the market back then, but now it has clothes and other products for both genders. The brand has been named as per the founder of it,  Pietro Loro Piana.


The brand Loro Piana produces higher quality cashmere fabrics and other wool products. Now it is one of the best players in the field of fashion fabric available in the market. The products from the brand are being spread all over the globe. Apart from Italy, it has stores in North-America, Asia, Europe and other 132 countries. Amazing! 


Reasons to Shop from Loro Piana:

  • High Quality:

Loro Piana is a brand which invests in its raw materials wisely. They check the productions from start to end thoroughly. This ensures the quality of the products. No matter whether it is clothes, bags, or shoes; quality is the most important thing that matters to the brand. 

Are you wondering why? Well, The brand has a name in the market, and they will never want to ruin it; so best quality fabrics, shoes and bags are ensured from Loro Piana.

  • Pure Cashmere wool products:

Everyone loves to wear wool products. Loro Piana brand specialises in harvesting pure Cashmere wool and it's products. The cashmere wool that Loro Piana uses comes from the undercoat of hircus goats. The animals generally are of North-china or Mongolia. This makes it special for so many people out there. The purity of the wool the brand provides makes people trust the brand more. 

You will be surprised to know that to maintain the brand name and specialisation in wool products, Loro Piana has been the sole purchaser of Pecora Beta, a rare black Merino wool for a long time.

  • Online Store:

As mentioned earlier, Loro Piana has stores in over 132 countries. But this is not enough for the brand to reach out to every possible Customer. So they have their official online store which has a huge collection of cashmere products, other wool products, clothes from different fabrics, shoes, bags etc. In this way, they reach out to every person who wants to buy from them. 

They also have discount offers running almost always on their official website. So buying from Loro Piana is a little bit expensive but also reasonable in comparison with its quality.


Bottom Line:

The brand keeps quality over price and other things. So if the quality is your priority, Loro Piana definitely will be your first choice. The online stores give you the luxury of buying branded and high-quality products from wherever you are and whenever you want.If you love to wear cashmere wool products, then you have no way to leave Loro Piana. It's not only a brand but due to the connection it has built; it's a lifestyle.