Four Ways to Relieve Your Anxiety Naturally

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by what life is throwing your way? Are you ever unable to focus or consumed with worry? If you do, you aren't alone. For millions of people, anxiety is a very common affliction. It can also be extremely disruptive or difficult to control, so it's crucial to be your champion. You can choose an anxiety treatment plan that will help you heal naturally. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, it might be difficult to figure out. As you go through it, you have a lot of alternatives to pick from. Here are four anxiety-relieving techniques to keep in mind if you want to handle your anxiety more naturally.


  1. Find Supplements That Work for You
    If you have ever done a quick web search on natural ways to treat your anxiety, you know that there's a lot of different products available. The question is, where do you go from there?

What can be overwhelming about choosing a supplement is understanding what's in it and what you can expect from using it. Maybe you're interested in giving CBD oil a try, but you're not totally familiar with it yet. Maybe you'll decide to explore the world of anxiety-reducing essential oils, such as Valerian or lavender. Try exploring the world of personal care items that include calming oil blends for another way to promote relaxation and a natural, healthy glow.

  1. Master and Practice Anxiety-Reducing Exercises
    Did you know that moving your body or breathing, you have the ability to kick anxiety to the curb? While it sounds simple enough to do, you might be surprised that it requires a little extra effort in order to be effective. The key to finding relief from anxiety through exercise and breathing lies in one thing — mindfulness. This is when you actively tune into yourself and the moment you're in, while purposely tuning distractions out.

This could look like going for a walk and leaving your phone behind. It could be laying down for 10 minutes, closing your eyes and practicing different breathing techniques. You might find relief from certain yoga sequences or from grabbing a pen and jotting down everything that's on your mind. If you're in need of a pedicure or a facial, set some time aside as soon as you can and create a spa-like experience for yourself. Splurge on a new polish shade, try a new face mask or body scrub. Remember, intention is key.


Making mindfulness your priority will make all the difference in your anxiety levels. If you rush through your walk because you're feeling behind on your to-do list, you're not going to experience the same relief you would if you moved with intention. When your plan is to lay on the couch and practice meditative breathing but you end up scrolling social media instead, you will have missed an opportunity to reset and regain balance.

  1. Talk About It
    All too often anxiety is pushed under the rug, resulting in bottled-up stress and unpleasant feelings taking over. How come? Maybe it's because everyone is so busy. There are demands left and right, there is always something that needs to be done, there is always someone who needs you. When exactly during this busy time are you taking your own feelings into account, talking them through and coming up with a plan? When have you last had a conversation with someone about your anxiety, and only that?

Finding someone you trust is the first step. Keep in mind that while you trust your family and best friend, you might do better speaking with someone who can be totally objective. Consider speaking with your primary care doctor first, as they should have plenty of resources for trusted therapists to share.

Talk therapy is a wonderful way to share as you are comfortable, to gain valuable feedback and to come up with a plan. Keep in mind that talking about it is only going to be helpful if you're honest and open to suggestions.

  1. Spend Time Exploring With Your Four-Legged Friend
    Research has shown that spending time with dogs (or cats, any pet really) is proven to reduce anxiety and improve mental health.The next time you're feeling the anxiety creep in, remember that you aren't all alone. There's a sweet, calming buddy just waiting to accompany you on a walk or a hike, lay at your feet, or relish a scratch behind his ears.

If you have a dog, have fun adventuring. Explore day hikes in your area that are suitable for dogs and hit the trail together. Not only will this lead to a healthier lifestyle for both of you overall, it's a great way to stop anxiety in its tracks. And while you're busy giving your buddy some attention, you'll also reap some major benefits.