Finished Versus Unfinished Doors: The Pros and Cons

The key difference between a finished and an unfinished door is the finished door is ready to hang and the unfinished door isn’t. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how much effort the user is willing to put in for the perfect interior doors. Internal Doors UK has a variety of finished and unfinished doors to pick from. Similar to this supplier of las vegas interior doors for those based in the USA. 


Unfinished Doors

With bold, pastel and blending topping interior design trends, it is easy to understand why someone would go through the effort required to paint a door. As all interior doors need to match, painting doors requires a lot of time and space. 


Finished Doors

Finished doors arrive ready to hang in a doorframe. No painting is required. They tend to be a bit more expensive than unfinished. By the time primer and paints are purchased for the unfinished doors, the prices near-enough match. The cost does depend on the type of door selected, glazing, what finish and the style. Unfinished doors will have some of these same price differences in them. 


Keeping With the Trends 

Grey has been big in interior design for a few years now. This shows no signs of slowing. Finished doors come in grey as well as the more traditional white or various shades of wood stain. If the blending trend where the doors blend into the walls is one you are aiming for, this can be achieved with grey finished doors. The door’s colour will have a matching shade of wall paint. 


The Other Trends

Blending is growing in popularity. As are bold statement colours, but without the statement wall. Doors are being painted with the same paint used on the walls. The chances of finding a retailer stocking internal doors in bold statement colours are non-existent. The only way to get the bright bold colours or pastel shades is to paint them yourself or hire someone with the space to do it for you. 


Strip Down and Start Again

Internal doors are built to last through years of interior design changes. Unfinished doors can be stripped down and repainted to keep up with the latest trends. This is less possible with finished doors. It is ill advised to paint over some finishes. Any door that requires repainting should be stripped first. Discarded finished doors can be donated, but changing doors every time the trends change isn’t just expensive, it is wasteful. 


Classic Finished Wood

Wood doors with a classic stain in light or dark, depending on tastes, never go out of fashion. With the way fads come and go, someone not wanting to paint and repaint their doors or replace them every few years will want to consider this option. Finished wood doors come ready to hang like any other finished door. 


Unfinished and finished doors both have their advantages and disadvantages. With internal doors, it is best to think in the long term. The doors will outlive whatever shade of paint or wallpaper is on the walls.