Cannabis and Yoga: Four Reasons why Cannabis is a perfect mix

Yoga is an ancient Indian tradition that involves the combination of physical postures with various breathing techniques. It is the union of body, mind, and spirit with several benefits attached to its practice. Both have connections with meditation, spirituality, and healing.

People from ancient times have practiced the combination of Cannabis with Yoga. We already have much research that expresses the efficacy of the benefits of the combination. Here are the benefits of mixing cannabis with Yoga.

Cannabis and Yoga communicate with the parasympathetic nervous system, and so, their combination brings a more profound relaxation and connection to your inner self. Yoga gives more bliss and spiritual awareness, while cannabis improves body response to these virtues.

Cannabis and Yoga function in similar ways and often give similar results and, when combined, blends to benefit immensely. Some of those benefits include pain management, stress relief, improved mental concentration, enhanced blood circulation, and an overall balance between the mind, body, and soul.

Cannabis consumption before a yoga session can help increase the benefit of savasana. While many people overlook it due to the tranquil nature, this is one of Yoga's most important poses, allowing the yogi to absorb everything he has gained through the session and emphasize the body's awareness.

The CannaYoga experience is worth having for many reasons and always with an open heart and open mind. Here are the four reasons why Cannabis and Yoga is a perfect blend:

  • Stress Reduction 

Stress can occur due to several factors which at times are beyond human control. However, many people have found a blend of cannabis and yoga to be a perfect formula to relieve stress. Relationships, business operations, and pressure from work can result in stress, which will trigger depression, anger, and an increase in blood pressure. 

Busy schedules, family engagement, and commitment, work pressure all contribute to stress and anxiety. A high level of stress can affect daily activities.

Stress causes too much tension to accumulate in the muscles, resulting in tightness and discomfort. If the condition continues, the tension in your muscles may result in excruciating pain. Most yoga-based exercises focus on the stress accumulated in the pressure points like the palms, feet, hips, and lower back.

Yoga has specific stress-reducing techniques that include breath control, clearing the mind, and relaxing the body. It gives a sense of well-being and increases neurological processes. Yoga, when practiced, often gives a calm mind when faced with a stressful situation. Cannabis also contains stress-reduction properties that stimulate the endocannabinoid system— —in this situation, mixing cannabis and yoga help in better dealing with stressful situations, there are tons of options from tinctures and capsules to gummies and topicals that will aid you on your yoga cannabis journey. 

Cannabis and Yoga have similar functions and give similar results, making them a perfect mix for excellent results. They don't just connect with divinity but provide health benefits, mental improvement, better mood, and improve sleep when taken in the right doses and not abused.

  • Can improve the mood 

Maintaining a positive mindset and attitude in certain situations can be difficult. Taking cannabis, or a THC cannabinoid product from somewhere like Area 52, alongside Yoga practice helps reduce mood-related disorders like bipolar disorder, thereby reducing depressive thoughts. There are high-quality weed gummies one can take while having yoga to boost the mood and make the yoga section enjoyable.

  • Sleep improvement


Insomnia can be a terrible disorder where one cannot sleep well, or there is a disturbance in the sleep pattern. This could happen due to imbalances in the secretion of brain hormones, melatonin. It could also be the result of excessive stress. Interestingly, both cannabis and Yoga help induce relaxation, making it easy to wind down after a stressful day. Mixing cannabis with Yoga can be the best therapy for sleep improvement due to its calming effect and its ability to increase brain function and body sensations.

  • May improve concentration 


There are several controversies about cannabis, making the mind wander, leading to distraction. Cannabis and Yoga are a perfect mix that helps improve concentration. It helps increase alertness and focuses when consumed in regular proportion. The process of attention is affected by cannabis. The most noticeable effect is the narrowing of the number of diverse contents in the focus of attention. 

The person under the effect of cannabis often perceives fewer objects, physical objects, actions, social elements, emotions, etc. 

A person with a high level of perception may become absorbed in an object, event, or process and become oblivious to everything else. A couple of fantasies may divert all of a person's attention. It is a psychological analogy to tunnel vision, with the contents of the tunnel expanded. Mixing cannabis and Yoga reduces the brain's prefrontal cortex's analysis and preparation to improve focus and increase sensual engagement and sensory experience.