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Benefits of Organic Bath Bombs — A Healthy, Relaxing Way of Bathing

When it comes to fulfilling a day of work, a lot of people believe that a good rest inside a bathtub is absolutely necessary to make it count. 

Whether you are one of those people who like to sit in the bath for hours while watching a series on your phone covered in a waterproof case, or you are someone who likes to read a book or listen to music while drinking wine, there is a way to further improve this experience, and that is using bath bombs.

This article is for those who are new to the experience and what to know about it, and understand the actual benefits of using a bath bomb, since it is much more than just adding a pinch of fanciness to an already relaxing event.

A Bath Bomb’s Composition

To understand the benefits of a bath bomb, we have to understand how they are made. A bath bomb, as their creator Mo Constantine has once mentioned it, was created to be Alka-Seltzers for the bath, and they react like them when introduced in water.

This is their base made out of bicarbonate and weak acids that react with water, but there’s more than that: a bath bomb often contains other helpful ingredients, like essential oils and salts. 

These, depending on the oil and salt used, can be very beneficial to the skin, acting as a moisturizer that promotes skin health and might help to depend on your type of skin. The benefits, still, are hardly noticeable if you don’t purchase a high-quality salt bomb, or don’t use one that goes according to your necessities.

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Is More About the Experience

With that said, the reason why people use them is much more linked to the experience than anything else. It is a sensory event that feels very relaxing and helps reduce stress while engaging in other activities.

For many, salt bombs are the equivalent of a ritual or a routine, and it is well known in the world of self-improvement how rituals and routines can help people maintain a high level of proactivity and performance. 

You can check more detailed information on the matter over here:

It is similar to how people drink a cup of tea in the afternoon to take a break from work while sitting outside in their yards while bathing in the sun, or how people like to take a visit to a massagist once per week. It’s something that helps you keep going, and banish the stress accumulated throughout the day to have a much nicer night of sleep. 

Some Additions

There are some things you can do to improve the effectiveness of a very relaxing bath, including the salt bombs. For example, some people like to add music, which is a very nice addition to the experience, and I’m one of those people since I feel like taking a bath without music is absolutely horrible.

Others might want to do something they like, like listening to music or reading a book. You can prepare yourself better for this depending on the activity you want to enjoy. For example, if you like using your phone, a waterproof suitcase or bag might be the way to go. IF you like eating, you can buy a table to place it on it, and some people use said table to read books or Kindle Books on their devices, and even watch movies!

If you struggle about which salt bomb to buy and the things you can add to the bath to enjoy a more relaxing experience, you should check this blog link for a list of options. The great thing about this list is that it provides an organic list of bath bombs for you to choose from, which are much healthier than your regular alternative.

For extra relaxation power, you can warm a towel and put it in your forehead and head when you feel like you are too tired, or perhaps get yourself a manual massager to massage your shoulders, neck, thighs, and legs. Having a nice drink after a hot bath and enjoying a really nice meal might also improve your mood!