All the Reasons to Love Amtico

If you were to survey 100 people and ask which flooring manufacturers they have heard of, Amtico will come up every time.

This is because, quite simply, Amtico is the best luxury vinyl flooring option on the market right now. It is by far the cheapest alternative to authentic materials, however, brings many strength benefits to every areas of your home. Amtico is renowned for the decades of happiness and easy maintenance that it brings to each and every household that chooses it.

Let’s explore these benefits a little closer.

How to Describe Amtico…

There are so many ways. But a few words that come to mind are durable, stylish, luxurious and creative.

In simple terms, Amtico luxury wood effect vinyl flooring, is not solely made up of collections of wood effect flooring. You have the option to choose and get creative between the stone, marble, ceramic and Abstract ranges. Authentic hardwood and stone flooring can come with a hefty price tag, whilst simultaneously lacking basic functions such as moisture and scratch resistance.

Every vinyl flooring plank and tiles offers underfoot comfort, don’t take days to install and keep up with through quick cleaning methods, and right at the top of this list is how you can save money in with every aspect of your new Amtico vinyl flooring.

Style is no doubt a top priority on your flooring requirements. However, you need to consider how advantageous it would really be to have real wood flooring in your home in the autumn and winter months.

So, if you want a flooring which can really handle dirt, water and leaves blowing into your home from outside, Amtico luxury vinyl flooring is the choice for you. You can stop reminding everyone to take their shoes off at the door, and you can stop coming in from your winter walks and immediately scrubbing because you fear the stains the dirt will leave.

Amtico has defences built in against the elements, which mean you can let the dirt sit on the top of the flooring for a little while before you scrub it away. Immediate cleaning is just not necessary with Amtico.

Quality in Quantity

Let us be clear, Amtico vinyl flooring is not a cheap budget flooring made quickly and with bad finishes. Amtico is a highly durable vinyl flooring which fulfils its promises to partner perfectly with underfloor layers, and bring moisture resistant and anti-scratch qualities into your home, through its amazingly shiny PUC surface layer.

As a brand, Amtico are highly regarded because they take into consideration all the things the modern family home needs to be able to sit back and really embrace their time indoors.

The Amtico planks and tiles even include sound proofing, so you won’t wake the little ones as you head up to bed after watching a late-night movie. Plus, when waking up on a cool winter morning, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the warm and comfy underfoot feeling you get when getting out of bed.

When you get all this and a warranty lasting past two decades, what other option do you have but to make Amtico luxury vinyl flooring a part of your home? These benefits stretch across the lowest price Amtico flooring range, all the way to Amtico Spacia, Parquet and Stone ranges which make Amtico an investment not only for your home, but for your lifestyle.